Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ V1.2

Sports car and racing car manufactured by Alfa Romeo from 1963 to 1967

  1. Hotfix

    V1.2 hotfix
    -Fixed value in rear suspension giving the AI a hard time
    -Adjusted dashboard light values
    -Improved model of side mirrors

    If you upgrade from V1.0 make sure to delete the old version.
    Upgrading from V1.1 should be fine to overwrite, but clean install is always recommended.
  2. Small fixes and adjustments

    ***Recommended to delete old version***
    -Data encrypted
    -Fixed typo in ui_car.json
    -Fixed wrong shader on front grill
    -Improved texture on steering wheel and endurance lights
    -Adjusted light values
    -Adjusted brakes, dampers and fuel usage
    -Added skins, thanks to Andy-R and carmar
    -Moved skin templates to folder: alfa_tz/templates
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