Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ

Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ V1.2

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1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ
My first mod for AC. Just over a year of occasional work on this car ended up better than I could have hoped for. Before starting this project I didn't know that much about 3D modelling, texturing and importing into the game. But with quite a bit of trial and error and lots of useful help from the modding community I was learning and getting better all the time. It may not be at the level of quality of some other well known modders, but I'm still very proud I was able to get this far.

About the car:
The original TZ was developed together with Autodelta. It featured a 1,570 cc twin cam engine and other mechanical components shared with the Alfa Romeo Giulia and carried a 105 series chassis number, but was a purpose built sports racing car, with a tubular spaceframe chassis, light all-aluminium bodywork, disc brakes and independent suspension. The result was a lightweight coupé of only 660 kilograms (1,452 lb) and top speed of 134 miles per hour (216 km/h). The TZ was built both for street and racing trim, with the latest racing versions producing up to 160 brake horsepower (120 kW). Alfa's twin-spark cylinder head, as also used in the GTA, contributed to the speed of the TZ; the standard Giulia alloy block with wet steel liners was installed at an angle under the hood of the TZ to improve airflow.

- 2 versions of the car, street and race trim.
- Race trim features extra lights which can be toggled in the setup
- Skin templates included

Original model provided by RobertLidstroem
3D editing, Import, Texturing: BrianB
Physics: abbo90
Skins: Andy-R, carmar, BrianB
And a big thanks to the modding community for the help.​

Please do not edit/use any part of this mod without permission
Please do not reupload. Link to this page instead.

For feedback/questions use the support thread, or use the WIP thread.

Enjoy ;)

V1.2 hotfix
-Fixed value in rear suspension giving the AI a hard time
-Adjusted dashboard light values
-Improved model of side mirrors

***Recommended to delete old version***
-Data encrypted
-Fixed typo in ui_car.json
-Fixed wrong shader on front grill
-Improved texture on steering wheel and endurance lights
-Adjusted light values
-Adjusted brakes, dampers and fuel usage
-Added skins, thanks to Andy-R and carmar
-Moved skin templates to folder: alfa_tz/templates

Initial release
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First release
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Latest updates

  1. Hotfix

    V1.2 hotfix -Fixed value in rear suspension giving the AI a hard time -Adjusted dashboard light...
  2. Small fixes and adjustments

    V1.1: ***Recommended to delete old version*** -Data encrypted -Fixed typo in ui_car.json -Fixed...

Latest reviews

very nice
Thank you for a well done job. Lovely car.
Superb car, many thanks ..will be racing her shortly in a club race :)
Thanks for the car, but why do I get "Car's parent is missing" error from race version?
The race version is an upgrade from the street version. So you need to install the street version. Or if you don't want that, open the ui_car.json in the ui folder and delete the line with "Parent"
Amazing mod. Fun to race on tight circuits with the Porsche RS 60.
Great 3D model and drives just like I imagine it to do
Must have.
Great Work :)
fnatastic work!very well done
Wonderful little gem, so much fun and pleasure to drive (hard)!
Very well done, thank you.
Awesome car, really enjoying it, thank you!
Since your first release I’m hoping the TZ2 is in the making too, would be even greater :)
Glad you like it.
I have started making parts for a TZ2, but with only 12 made it's very hard to find good data. So who knows ;)
I've downloaded updated version twice, but not showing up in game.
Great car (fantastic job), but i have this problem loading game with this car:
Strange. Try deleting the car and reinstalling. If that doesn't fix it try looking in the log file (documents/assetto corsa/logs) and try to find the error.
I love this car, but I've posted a few VR observations in the support thread. Thanks!
Thank very much
Thank you! wonderful mod!
I'm just having a lot of flickering from the instruments glasses
Grazie ,veramente un lavoro eccellente
A fantastic mod! One of my favourite cars to drive in AC.
Amazing! I don't know how you guys get it this right!

It feels old but still packs a punch and is such a challenge to get good momentum. One of my favorites now.
absolutely fantastic, a pleasure to guide them

a question about fuel consumption,they seem very very low

Giulia TZ2 CONSUMPTION=0.0015

Giulia TZ Stradale CONSUMPTION=0.00085

Are these data correct?

Thanks for the reply
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