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ACTV 2.5.0

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Awsome JOB m8 with this last update i removed all my customisations from the code and went for this last version :) perfect, would only add one last thing, a FLAG behind the driver name on tower would be bloody cool :)
I can not switch to the TV camera...anyone can help me?
Thank you :3
great work
Thank you ;)
great thx
helped alot while multi-class racing, 11/10
great, thanks!
Ideal when broadcasting a race on Twitch, just to give that televised feel.
Very slick and looks very nice!
Thank you, one of my fav
Very usefull app...
****in nice man !!!

Very great THX again
best app
Excellent, but why can't I see my laptimes in hotlap mode like in practice mode?
Thanks for your work, just found out a bug, the App doesn't display drivers with 2 laps down or more, it only display +1 lap down. check my vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRwirOd7DYE otherwise, great mod, keep going.
thanks for reporting the bug, it has been fixed and will roll out in the next update
Has a very professional presentation and perfect overview on what is going on during race, quality, practice etc. Love it!
great mod man,thanks a million.