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ACTV 2.5.0

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;):) 5 years of ACTV already :thumbsup::D
Tower: added relative timing
configurable car classes
Tower qualify: disable stint mode, number of laps=0
Info: sectors calculations from ACTV CP
Tower: added pitstops, tires, sectors (qualify) modes
Tower: car class filters (mouse over top 2 places brings up classes, click to filter, stop moving mouse for 5 sec to hide, current filter will stay on. Not available in relative modes)
Tower race: updated standing before start(progress)
Tower race: removed reset on driver swap
Tower qualify: scrolling to current driver
Added background texture support for themes (jpg,png,tga) ex: r,g,b,a,texture(full path from AC folder)
Added 7 new color options to themes with fallback for older themes
Smaller fonts
Added Font config files (Add fonts as you want, calibrate size)
Stint view bugs fixes
Handling failed to read the ui_track.json for better track support
You can now make you own color theme
exemple: theme_template.ini
Supported format : r,g,b / r,g,b,a / #RRGGBB / #AARRGGBB
How it to install themes: put the .ini file in the theme folder

Pit window timer (time or laps left)
Fixed live theme change
Theme engine : theme ini
Config window display timeout (just the buttons remains visible)
Speed trap new layout
Tower race position progress mode
tower : TLC-Names modes split from timing modes
delta : Added session delta - last lap
info : Fixed positions at the start of race
info : Bug formatting long names
theme : added Digital


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tower : added push to pass status to tower
tower : added interval mode for race
tower : added compact modes
tower : corrected stint mode bug
improved theme changes
thicker horizontal bars


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For Le Mans week release
Added Fonts (Noto Sans, Open Sans, Yantramanav, Signika Negative, Strait, Overlock)
shared standings from tower to info
Dark, white, electric themes options
Border direction option
changed first row of info widget and added option to revert if wanted
Bigger delta option

*Sorry there seems to have some glitches left in live themes change


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Fixed over 30 mins timed races
Color by class option
Improved tower display for 1st lap of race
Tower highlight on current car instead of driver only
Pit window open/close message
Tower qualif : Forcing to show full time instead of gaps when highlighted
Tower faded dnf drivers
Info widget resizing depending on driver name length
Info widget always on option
Customizable Theme Color Base (RGB)
Config qualif new lap color(Red-Green)
Tower : detection if pitstop or respawned in pits
Timed races support
code optimisation
fetching times from server when joining online session(practise,qualif)
Added delta widget
Tower: gained/lost position triangle
Tower: cars finishing laps down
Speedtrap: stays on a little longer
yellow timer flag
name in tower is yellow when stopped on track
changed hotkey(mode change) to ctrl+d
last laptime is shown for full tower with gaps in race(5 sec purple for personal best,red for slower)
scrolling effect for tower in race(top 3 always shown, then driver remains displayed whatever the maximum number of driver shown in config)
added colors for nissan(purple),ktm/mclaren(orange),alpha romeo(forest green)
replay beta working on practice qualify sessions
Config : base row height option (for resizing)
Removed pinhack option and code(not needed anymore)
Full tower with gaps - PIT and DNF(for player disconnected)
Reworked animations - implemented in label class
added pitlane indicator for qualif/practice
added new fonction from AC 1.5 api(and pit indicator)
added tower: click to view driver
config window
full tower race mode
gaps or laps for qualif/practise
hotkey f7 to change mode
bug fixes
stint view
speed units bounded to game options
fixed ctypes import crashing
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another fix for tower in race
deeper logging and prevent of freezing other widgets in case of an error
fixed ambiguous file import
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added colors for afla romeo(grey),ford(blue)
fixed online tower - keep alive issue
nordschleife tourist support
race standings with validated progress