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ACTV 2.5.0

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Great job!
Colors by BRAND is not working for me... classes are okay!
Any tips on how to make it work???

How can I move the timer up to the top of the screen, it seems to sit 1/4 of the way down off the top of the screen, and will not go higher?
Very good app, but unfortunately useless for me while I wanted to stream replay :'(
helped alot while multi-class racing, 11/10
Excellent app. All of it just works and is very simple to configure.
Excellent. The performance issues were casued by other mod. This is perfect. Many thanks for your hard work
Thank you ;)
This looks great and thought it may work in replays for recording, but it doesn't. Hope one day you implement it as it'll end up being a must for alot of peeps! At the moment i use PTracker which works but looks basic.
It is really cute.
I have a problem cause I lost the config widget. Anybody can help me?
if you lost widgets off the screen, you can edit (POSX,POSY of the widget with notepad) or delete (reset the ui) the Documents\Assetto Corsa\cfg\acos.ini file
it doesnt work in replays. :(
so its almost useless for me, like the default apps and most other apps that ive seen so far
great thx
1 Of the best!!! But can you please tell me how can i add 32 slots on the tower? Because i add more slots on the config and on content manager and it return it to 28 again any help please?
The best!
really useful
Is it normal that this app doesn't show in replays? I see the overlays in game, but not in replays. I use content manager.
Excellent! And, please, why does Speedtrap show two speeds? I'm new at it. Thank you
Good plugin, perfect for live streaming! News? We expected some updates soon?
great mod man,thanks a million.