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ACTV Competizione

ACTV Competizione

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Inspired by ACC,
ACTV Competizione
Assetto Corsa


Team logo
Brand logo
-default logo location

target row height
38 = 1080p
57 = 1440p
76 = 4k

CTRL+W to change modes without the config app

Ping indicators
0-150 green
150-250 yellow
>= 250 red

Class colors
LMP1: Red
LMP2: Blue
LMP3: Purple
Proto c: Yellow
GTE-GT3: Green
GT4: Orange
SUV: Bad Pink
Hypercars: Light red
Hypercars r: Light green
Supercars: Dark blue
Sportscars: Grey
Vintage supercars: Light blue
Vintage gt: Pink
Vintage touring: Dark yellow
Small sports: Black
90s touring: Blue-Green

Known bugs

some row height with backgrounds can cause lines around the images, try to keep it in the 3 targets above, otherwise a manual image resize might be needed to remove the lines

replay : the AC API isn't giving enough infos in replay, so there's not much to do there

time of day : the multiplier is not available for online races, might not always give a precise time but should be about right
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Latest updates

  1. fixes, additions and optimisations

    Tower: bug fix blue names in qualify Tower: bug fix race start positions (progress) Tower/timer...
  2. Various updates, fixes

    Added configurable car/driver classes - rename car_classes.template.ini to car_classes.ini to...

Latest reviews

looks awesome... and is a very useful tool for online racing... I do get a huge FPS in multiplayer though... has anyone figured out a way to minimse the performance issues yet?
If you want to clothe AC with more fashioned look or streaming races just install this. Hopefully the speed hud will also be implemented.
Love it! My daily companion. Thank you!
It would be nice if you can add scale
GREAT APP! can you map the MFD (or the tower mode) to a button on the wheel? ACC you flick btween interval/relative etc and have it mapped to a button. thanks
Excellent APP, unfortunately it is during the replay that the thing does not work properly. Just like you said yourself
Just fantastic!!
I love it the look and feel. The new features such as creating custom classes are really welcome additions, but losing 20-30% of my FPS currently makes this unusable for me.
Excellent work, but like others, if feel the FPS hit is a bit high eg. -5fps or more even if the update rate is lowered to 10 for example.
Can someone tell me how i can chance the car classes??
I love this app, but unfortunatelly I have an imense drop of frame rates while running it like others. If you get this fixed, it will become my most valuable app in AC. As long as this isn't fixed, I have to deactivate it :( Keep up the astonishing work!
Excellent Work, THX a lot !!!
Just one thing... I lose 30fps, from 144fps to ± 110fps, any ideas why? or something to change?
Fantastic. Thank you.
Sorry prunn, I really like the way you're trying to implemend the look of ACC into AC. Even with the non working multiplier.

But this huge loss of FPS isnt acceptable. And this loss is even worse in multiplayer.



A drop by 40 fps? You git to be kidding me.

I'm running 1080p on a GTX 1070. So plz optimize this a lot, and I'd be happy to upgrade my rating. :)
Superbe je n'ai pas de mot !! merci
Good job !!!!
Great Prunn!!! Good update, this app is fantastic!!! Another beer coming soon... eheh!!!
Fantastic!!! Love it! Was waiting for that!!! Nice work
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