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ACC Dedicated Server GUI

ACC Dedicated Server GUI

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Thank you!
Great stuff, thank you.
Great Job Martin, I wanted to make you a suggestion and that is if you could update the multi-language version, or at least in Spanish, it would be easier for me and for many Spanish-speaking people.
Thanks and great work
Great work.

have a question : is possibile to make a server with only a model of car ??

Not mixed, but for exemple, only F488 ??

Thank you.
Awesome App for ACC. Keep it up!
Will you update now with extra server options in ACCv1.5?
Martin Vindis
Martin Vindis
It's in oven :)
Like it. :)
But why are the tire sets limited to 50? For sure more than enough, but unlimited is missing. :)
Thank you very much for this program, it really makes it easy to create a dedicated server.
Easy to use, simple but very efficient, with good instructions and good support. Really nice!!
Great job on this. Makes hosting private sessions with friends painless. Probably something that should have been included with the game to begin with.
This is simply amazing, works so intuitive, opposite to the current way kuno made. Good Job Martin!
Simple and elegant, thanks!
How would I use this software with the RackService servers that I rent from? Can I do so?
Excellent! Worked pretty clear to me.
Amazing work, makes hosting a server very simple!
Amazing, nothing else to say. It simplifies hundreds times the whole process!
Thanks for taking the time and keeping this resource up to date Martin, makes it easier to setup custom server with the friends quite straightforward and fast.
Very helpful, super support!
Works perfectly easy to use
Getting better every day. thanks for this development
A simple button in order to ban somebody instantly would be nice. Even without it this is a true time saver, thank you.
Martin Vindis
Martin Vindis
Would love to do something like that but not a thing you can do without logging in on the server via the game I'm afraid
All Error fixed, Thx
And Could you add Experimetal options like 'simracerWeatherConditions' and 'isFixedConditionQualification' ?
Martin Vindis
Martin Vindis
Thanks for the review. I'll add those options in the next release.
Really nice and usefull tool, thanks!
Any way to prevent it from setting the "registerToLobby" to zero inside the configuration.json file?
Martin Vindis
Martin Vindis
Thanks man. Yes, there is a "Register To Lobby" checkbox under server settings.
Please add a donation button in the app, because Kunos doesn't care about your work and your fast update, maybe the comunity pays your efforts, you deserve it. Thanks.
Would love if it had the option for "postRaceSeconds" in Miiscellaneous - really useful for league racing or sessions in general. Other than that it's a perfect tool. Any chance of adding that?
Martin Vindis
Martin Vindis
Thanks for the review and suggestion. Will add this to the next release ;)