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AC Server Manager

AC Server Manager 1.7.6

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I've used it since v1.7.4. This is the best way to manage AC servers, especially on Linux. The code is actively maintained and supported. It has a tonne of valuable features like saving disk by only installing server-side mod content, a permissions system allowing half-trusted friends to set up races and not break all the config, and great integration with Content Manager, Sol, Discord etc. Very much worth a donation to access Premium too.
More than happy using Server Manager on my managed AC server. Provides a decent front end GUI for setting up races quickly and effectively.
Swap in Assetto corsa !!!!!!!
Another perfect update with a lot of new funtions!
This is a must have if you are running a dedicated AC server.
Best Server Manager by far and the dev team are the nicest guys always willing to help! I host my servers through them and its the best!
I can't imagine how I'd manage my 10+ AC servers without it. It's definitely made life under isolation more enjoyable for many of my friends as well!

- RedEyeNinja
Had to leave a second 5 star review, so I could say just how awesome this software and the authors are. An absolutely indispensable tool for anyone managing AC servers, which continues to get better and better.
I have bought this tool and it is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G best tool ever to create a custom race and setup an entire championship.
Updates are frequently and support awesome.

Thank you! And I think I am going to buy it again because the initial price was too low!
It just keeps getting better and better!
Stunning work, very well done and a joy to use as an admin of a server :) Love it, now please even if with less options do a ACC version :P
Excellent tool !
Absolutely the best server manager for AC, hands down (and I have tried them all in my time as a league admin). Trivial to install, immensely powerful and easy to use, for everything from quick one off races to complete championships with fully configurable race weekends.

The devs are responsive, both here, on GitHub and in their Discord. Bugs are fixed promptly, new features are being constantly added, and they are open to merging code features from contributors (I wrote the Discord integration, which they were very encouraging and helpful with).

Please ignore any 1 star ratings from people who couldn't install or run it. If you can read a short paragraph of instructions, you can run this.
absolutely fantastic software and developers really care. Shut up and take my money!
Fantastic resource that just keeps getting better with each release. Keep up the great work guys and thanks for providing such awesome support
Great tool!
Just awesome.

Setup complete. Search for "Trashtalk" and join ;)

Great tool!
I ask a question that many ask me with this latest version is implemented the control function that all drivers on track have in operation mod SOL ? Or is it something you can’t control? and if the answer is yes, what does it mean for someone who doesn’t use Sol correctly? kik out of the server automatically
Hi, please don't use review system for questions! There is a support thread for questions that we are active in.

At the moment is isn't possible to force people to use any app (including Sol) through the manager. This is because the server has no knowledge of whether or not a client is running Sol (or any other app), so unfortunately we can't do anything about it. Sorry for that, but I hope this answers your question!

Top Tool for controling and setting up a Dedicated Server!
Excellent server application with a huge array of options.
Just awsome! Would reccomand if you are planing to make you own server!
AC Server Manager is an incredible well designed tool to easily administrate your AC server thru a modern web interface (and even from your phone). Setup quick races or even championships in no time. Live-view is also slick to follow the race. Plus It has a lot of other great features.
You can really tell, a lot of work have went into designing this tool.
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