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AC Server Manager 1.4.1

An improved web interface to manage an Assetto Corsa server.

  1. Performance Improvements

    This update addresses an issue that caused high server CPU usage in certain situations! Apologies for the update so soon after 1.4.0 but this in an important fix.

    • Added the "Sleep Time" option to the Server Options page. Added a migration to set the Sleep Time option to 1 for all users.
      This fixes an issue where it was not correctly set to 1 (a value that kunos explicitly recommends), which on smaller servers could cause 100% CPU usage.
  2. Calendar, Car Details and Search, Recurring Races and more!


    1.4 is finally finished! This is probably our biggest single update since launch, and we're pretty excited about it!

    As always a huge thank you to everybody that offered feedback, especially our testers on Discord, you guys are great!


    • A calendar that automatically populates with scheduled events! Intended to help users see when events are planned and sign up for them if required.
    • New Car Details...
  3. Entry List Order

    Just a small, but important update to fix an issue that a few users have been experiencing. 1.4 is just around the corner and has a great set of new features and improvements, we just need a bit more time to test!


    * Fixed an entry list issue that made some cars impossible to connect to if the pit ID selection had a gap in it. Any gaps in the pit IDs will now be closed automatically (e.g. 1-2-4 becomes 0-1-2). If you want gaps in your entry list please add dummy cars to it.
  4. Live Timings Redesign

    Please back up your data store (as defined in config.yml in 'store' -> 'path') before upgrading to this

    • We have made significant changes to Live Timings in this update, including:
      • A new page layout which should hopefully give more space for the Live Timings table, with the map slightly reduced in size.
      • Live Timings and the Live Map now both use the same source for data, meaning that your browser doesn't need to make as many requests to find out...
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  5. Improved Plugin Support, Other Fixes

    Please note, this release contains breaking changes for run_on_start in config.yml. If you are using run_on_start, you need to read the following:

    Each run_on_start command is now run from the directory that the binary file is in.
    For example, ./stracker/stracker_linux_x86/stracker --stracker_ini stracker-default.ini now actually performs the following two commands:
    1. cd ./stracker/stracker_linux_x86
    2. ./stracker --stracker_ini stracker-default.ini
    This means that...
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  6. Fixes! Fixes Everywhere!

    We've got a nice set of fixes today, and we're starting a little Discord server for people using Server Manager, you can join here:



    • Live Map smoothing! Thanks to germanrcuriel on GitHub for this one! It makes a huge difference to the Live Map!
    • Removed the gray background from the Live Map, replaced it with a drop-shadow. Thanks again to germanrcuriel for this!
    • Tweaked the layout of the Live Timing description.
    • You...
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  7. championship signup form, options improvements, bug fixes, performance enhancements

    Time for another update! This version has some cool new features, and the RAM usage should be much better now!


    • Added a Championship Sign Up form. When configuring a Championship, you can now enable 'Sign Up Form'. This creates a public
      registration form where anybody can sign up to be added to a Championship. This has the following options:
      • Require admin approval for applications - Every sign up request must be approved by an administrator before
        they are...
  8. Championship entrant fix

    Well 1.2.1 didn't last long! Just a small fix, but an important one.


    • You should now be able to add new entrants to a championship properly again.
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  9. live timings fixes, stability fixes, missing options, timezone fixes. Lots of fixes, really


    • Added a MOTD editor
    • Added the missing MAX_CONTACTS_PER_KM server_cfg.ini option. We've found this a bit temperamental so use it with caution!
    • Ballast and Restrictor are now visible in Results pages
    • When adding Entrants to a Custom Race or Championship, the values from the last Entrant in the list are copied to
      each new Entrant that is added. This should make editing the EntryList a bit easier!
    • Championship welcome message now shows a link to the championship...
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  10. Account Management UI System, Fixed Setups, Live Timing Improvements, and much more!

    v1.2 is a huge update for this project, and wouldn't have been possible without the great feedback and interactions we've had from the community. We'd like to give special thanks to ShinyAndy and his group of racers, who have taken the time to help us with new feature testing and provided valuable feedback!

    Alongside this update we are now offering server hosting services for those that are interested in running our manager on an external server. Server Manager will always be free and...
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  11. Practice fix

    • Fixes an issue with Championship Practice Events not working after updating the cars in the Championship entry list.
    Just a small thing, pretty serious issue so we thought we'd patch it by itself rather than waiting for the next release!
  12. sTracker support, championship fixes, timezone fixes

    • Adds support for sTracker. Read the new config.yml file for more information on setting up sTracker.
    • Adds support for running processes alongside the Assetto Corsa server. Each process is run when the server is started, and killed when the server is stopped. See config.yml for more information.
    • Improves UDP forwarding to only forward as many bytes as were received.
    • Log outputs are now limited to a size of 1MB. When the...
  13. Scheduled Event Fix

    • Fixed a bug that caused some scheduled races to not start correctly.
  14. Live Track Map, Event Scheduling, Reverse Grid Positions and More!

    We recommend re-uploading all of your tracks after doing this update! Some new features will only work with new track assets!

    Please also consult the config.yml in the zip file, there is a new section: "live_map" that you must add to your config.yml to get live map functionality!

    • Added a Live Map. You'll need to re-upload your tracks to see the live map, since it requires new track assets.
    • Added support for 'Reverse Grid Positions' races...
  15. Results Bug Fixes, Custom Race Fix

    • Increase number of results per result listing page to 20.
    • Add a 404 error for results pages that don't exist
    • Results listing page now shows 10 pages in the pagination bar with options to skip to the front and end,
      and forwards/backwards by 10 pages
    • Fixed an issue with named Custom Race entrants losing their car/skin on race start
    • Collision speeds on Live Timings page are now rounded to 2 decimal...
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  16. A Few Minor Tweaks


    • Fixed an issue with populating default points when creating championship classes. Points for places beyond the F1 defaults now show '0' when created rather than '25' which was incorrectly shown before.
    • Average Lap Time on Results pages is now calculated lap times that meet the following conditions; "if lap doesnt cut and if lap is < 107% of average for that driver so far and if lap isn't lap 1".
    • Fixed an...
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