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2019 Mercedes AMG W10 (RSS Formula Hybrid 2019) 1.2L

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Presenting my 2019 Mercedes W10 for RSS Formula Hybrid 2019


Note: I highly recommend you set the visual style to 1 in the car setup menu for the Marriott Bonavoy logo to show up as it is on one of the halo winglets and also this gives you the Mercedes style windscreen glass.




To enable visual style 1 for the halo winglets and the Mercedes style windscreen glass, go into the car setup menu:
ac visual style 1.jpg

To enable it in content manager showroom, goto the 'car params' page and find 'style 1' under 'Animation'
cm showroom visual style 1.JPG

I hope you enjoy using the skins for this fantastic car!


Latest updates

  1. Danke Niki - Mercedes W10 Monaco Niki Lauda Tribute

    Following the sad news of Niki Lauda's passing, I felt I had to make an updated version to...
  2. Update to match car version 2.0

    Updated to match car version 2.0 released 26/04/2019: Added new HR maps to the barge boards...
  3. More fixes (hopefully last ones)

    Re-added missing Petronas Primax logo on rear right Added additional crowdstrike logos to rear...

Latest reviews

Hey excellent mod! Can you do Black Mercedes?
can you explain to me how to install it? because it's not detected on my game
This is Awesome! Just found your Ferrari SF90. Great work man. Will you be doing the rest of the grid?
Please can you update the red halo? It's so beatiful. And will you do the 125 anniversary skin? I hope so, we will be so grateful because these updates would be amazing
Plase make the red halo :3 it looked so beautiful.
Hey, any chance that you could update the Niki tribute version with the red halo and the text?
Still perfect and a great tribute to one of the best.
Thank you very much.
Fantastic work...Thank you for the update
Good job ... I have a question, how to change the information on the steering wheel because now I have the temperature of the tires but not the speeds engaged ... thank you
great skin
Awesome work ...Thank you for the update
Amazing skin, already had a lot of fun with your skins on the car
Petronas logo is too small, but apart from that it's sport on! :)
Wonderful skin! Thanks a lot.
Absolutely stunning job, it cannot get better than this. Thank you!
great job. very good skin
Still perfect. Thank you so much.
great skin¡¡
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60.3 MB
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User rating
5.00 star(s) 31 ratings

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