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rss formula hybrid 2019

  1. KarneUSZ

    Williams Lotos Racing for RSS Formula Hybrid 2019 (Replaced ROKiT) 2.0

    My first upload, I will do the same for Formula Hybrid 2020.
  2. B

    "Briscoe GP" RSS Formula Hybrid 2019 Skin v1.0

    If I owned a Formula 1 team, this is what they would look like! I hope you guys enjoy! *I have no affiliation with any sponsors displayed on the vehicle* I would love to see videos of you guys using the skin, leave a review with a link and I will check it out! :) -Briscoe
  3. B

    RSS Formula Hybrid 2019 7-11 Skin v1.0

    This concept livery is a tribute to the beautiful Indycar driven by Tony Kanaan in the early 2000s. Let me know your guys' thoughts! This is my first skin here on Race Department, so if it's not perfect, I apologize. Thanks for understanding! Enjoy! If you use the skin, share me your videos...
  4. B

    Skins RSS Formula Hybrid 2019 7-11 Skin!

    Here is my take on a 7-11 sponsor in Formula 1! You can download this skin here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1oRezycjnwqjOXMGwVHOu61xFGEgYmekD
  5. aap15

    rss formula hybrid 2019 - aap15 racing 1

    A fictional livery which I originally designed for myself last year, but I decided to upload it for everyone to use. the livery is for the rrs formula hybrid 2019 car created by https://racesimstudio.com/ drop the content folder inside your assetto corsa...
  6. aap15

    RSS Formula Hybrid 2019 ST4FF3N MOTOR RACING 2019-08-16

    ST4FF3N MOTOR RACING A fictional livery designed by a friend. the livery is for the rrs formula hybrid 2019 car created by https://racesimstudio.com/ drop the content folder inside your assetto corsa folder and everything should be installed...
  7. dakoriki

    RSS Hybrid 2019 / 2020 / X 2022 Dashboard 1.3.1

    I couldn't find a version of this dashboard so I made one. I did change tyre pressure to tyre temperature because I felt that it has more use than pressure. Now available LEDs. I made it for my 1080p android tablet running the simhub dashboard app and for what ever reason 1300x810 full screens...
  8. Henky SA

    RSS Formula Hybrid 2019 - Bentley Speed 8 Livery 1.1

    celebrating #Bentley100Years, the legendary Bentley Speed 8 which won Bentley's sixth Le Mans title in 2003, is reformed in F1 form. a yearly adaptation as like the 2017 & 2018 one. make sure you have RSS Formula Hybrid 2019 mod which can be bought here. credits to @formulaHEINE for the...
  9. oCh33sYo

    Alfa Romeo Valentine's Day (Cuore Sportivo) Livery 1.2

    Version 1.2 removes the settings file for Real Helmets as it causes the game to crash if the mod is not installed. See this post for more details. My take on the one-off livery shown at Fiorano during the 2019 pre-season. Please install ACSPRH | Real Helmets for best results! Textures are...
  10. Lamamba

    RSS FH19 - Manor Racing - MRT08 2019 (4K/8K) 1.0

    MANOR RACING F1 TEAM Just drag&drop the content folder into the Assetto Corsa root folder To-do: Helmets for Wehrlein and Haryanto Crew Textures Style 2 for the Halo
  11. Celtic Pharaoh

    RSS Formula Hybrid 2019 - F1 2019 Skin Pack 1.5

    RSS Formula Hybrid 2019 F1 2019 Skin Pack With permission and gratitude from the following skin creators, they've allowed me to collect and redistribute their skins in this skin pack. Mercedes AMG W10 by davewilliams000 Ferrari SF90 by davewilliams000 Red Bull Racing RB15 by speedracer1893...
  12. Lamamba

    RSS FH19 - Motul Nissan F1 Team 1.0c

    NISSAN F1 TEAM Just drag&drop the content folder into the Assetto Corsa root folder
  13. Cthulhus

    RSS Formula Hybrid 2019 - Team logo on the steering wheel 2019-04-05

    This small mod add team logo on the steering wheel for the RSS Formula Hybrid 2019. It will replace the Precision Sim Engineering logo with the corresponding team logo. • Alfa Romeo • Renault F1 Team • Ferrari • Mercedes • Racing Point • McLaren • Williams • Torro-Rosso • Redbull • Haas To...
  14. davewilliams000

    2019 Ferrari SF90 (RSS Formula Hybrid 2019) 1.1

    Presenting my Ferrari SF90 skins for Race Sim Studio Formula Hybrid 2019. I have tried to get as close to the correct paint on the real car as possible. The paint being matte will look different under various lighting conditions and with different PP filters. Credit and thanks to...
  15. davewilliams000

    2019 Mercedes AMG W10 (RSS Formula Hybrid 2019) 1.2L

    Presenting my 2019 Mercedes W10 for RSS Formula Hybrid 2019 Note: I highly recommend you set the visual style to 1 in the car setup menu for the Marriott Bonavoy logo to show up as it is on one of the halo winglets and also this gives you the Mercedes style windscreen glass. To enable...