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2014 Caterham 1,0

CT05 skin

  1. Milos
    2014 Caterham
    Done in HD and SD
    Thanks to ML for car models

    INSTALLATION: This skin is based on Lotus livery

    LOTUS LIVERY folder has Lotus livery, and is IMPORTANT to install for the skin to work
    HD and SD folders are optional (you must put one in your game)
    Put HD if you have a good PC, SD if you have a poor PC

    SCREENSHOTS: (I've made that Renault logo white)
    F1_2013 2014-01-29 17-49-31-203.jpg F1_2013 2014-01-29 17-49-47-546.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. piero.neith
    Version: 1,0
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