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F1 1997 Season Mod Part 1 0.5

A new game experience

  1. Milos
    :::::::::::1997 MOD:::::::::::
    The most epic season mod you've ever seen!

    First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who got involved in making this mod. This might not be so important for others, but these guys gave me a lot of help:
    Big thanks to:
    @needforspeedgamer for the steering wheels, and driver pictures
    @Millsy24 for his Old Silverstone mod, which I used here
    @Jarvis , for testing out the AI pace against player and the handling model
    @remydeleeuw, for letting me know how to use the ryder bxml converter, and also for trying to help me with AI stalls at the start (which unlike F1 2012 didn't work)
    @Geckarbor5LP, for the base textures of Sauber, McLaren, and Jordan.
    @Steven Poirier for helmets, and later pitcrew, racecrew and driver suits once I convert them from F1 2012
    @Matt Drummond, for letting me use his 7 tracks mod.
    @Melphiz, for the NO DRS mod for F1 2013 that works on this game too.

    Now, what is included in the mod?
    -All the cars, all the drivers (apart from Lola), with realistic performances
    -17 race calendar in their order, including Jerez, Nurburgring (as Luxembourg GP and not as German GP), and most importantly Imola!
    -Includes some different tracks to replace Argentina and France: Brands is Argentina and Delhi is France
    -Revised handling (ONLY FOR WHEEL USERS FOR NOW!!), possibly the best thing in the mod.
    -Helmets for every driver
    -AI improved in dry pace, and made slower in wet (not OP as they were before). Now driving even a Williams or Ferrari can be challenging.
    -When driving any car you should be around the same pace as your teammate.
    -Bridgestone tyres are included!
    -Tyres wear less than normal
    -DRS disabled for all tracks

    -None :)

    -It is important that you run the car in LEAN revs if it's raining. @Jarvis strongly recommended this.:D
    -going to RACE ONLY can get you a strange/randominsed grid. You could even see a Minardi on pole!
    It is recommended to NOT use the RACE ONLY option in the race weekend, but run qualifying, even if it's one-shot.
    Full qualifying is also not recommended, as in real life in this era there were no Q1, Q2, Q3, just 1 60-minute quali session where you can do 12 laps.
    -I can't make the points system 10-6-4-3-2-1, it is still left like the post-2009 points scoring system. Maybe if you really want realism create your own tables with the pre-2002 points scoring system.
    -In case you can't complete the evaluation test without a game crash, use CTRL to skip it!
    -I saw some amazing track updates over here, definetly worth a check to enhance the experience of the mod :)

    Now, I could not fit this within the 300MB regulation, so I have to split it to two parts
    1) Download the 1997 mod part 1 by miki2000milos
    2) Extract the .7z file you downloaded
    3) Drag the extracted files into your game folder, overwrite
    4) Download the 1997 mod part 2 by miki2000milos
    5) Extract the .7z you downloaded
    6) Drag the extracted files into your game folder, overwrite
    7) START A NEW SAVE GAME (as it will 99,9% corrupt your old one), and enjoy!

    There is a crash fix included, you should not install it unless your game is crashing on Imola, Jerez and the tracks imported from F1 2013.

    It is important to extract first part 1 and then part 2!

    If anyone makes a youtube video about it, or even a career mode, I'd be pretty happy. Just link the mod in the description. :)

Recent Reviews

  1. Carlos Frate
    Carlos Frate
    Version: 0.5
    I remember playing F1 1997 in my old PS1 back in the late 90's. The teams, drivers and everything else is perfect!
    Bravo and thank you for making this MOD for us!
  2. ting xi
    ting xi
    Version: 0.5 for now
    Brilliant job!
  3. notyourbusiness
    Version: 0.5 for now
    Very good job!
    Even with the gamepad handling, the cars understeer like crazy in circuits like jerez, catalunya, silverstone, brands hatch and delhi, even with very high downforce setups.
    What should i do to improve this situation?
  4. Iceman99
    Version: 0.5 for now
    Excellent mod! I had to re-download it right now (not your fault) and now it doesn't have the engine sound of 1997 anymore. What mistake did I make?
  5. sutioc
    Version: 0.5 for now
    Very good quality! Enjoy it!
  6. Zanto
    Version: 0.5 for now
    The Best f1 mod i´ve ever seen
  7. AshSchumacher
    Version: 0.5 for now
    awesome mod
  8. RaidenMKII
    Version: 0.5 for now
    amazing mod!
  9. juanlope1_7
    Version: 0.5 for now
    First of all congratulations for the work its amazingly well done :). I have a problem in game, the team names and driver pictures are still from the 2014 game. thanks!!
  10. JIH.webtel92
    Version: 0.5 for now
    Great mod but Irvine is was born in Northern Ireland so in saying that should have GBR Flag
  11. vladimirjeger
    Version: 0.5 for now
    WOW, great job mate...Can I play a career with this mod?
    1. Milos
      Author's Response
      yes, though I need to solve two bugs very soon
  12. Morgiman
    Version: 0.5 for now
  13. FernandoTheBest
    Version: 0.5 for now
    Great mod :D
    Can i play it in multiplayer if my friends also download it?
    1. Milos
      Author's Response
      It's possible using Hamachi and Tunngle I think, maybe.
  14. XxSancheZxX
    Version: 0.5 for now
    This mod is perfect . I have a question. Why when I play my career tires are constantly cold , I can not achieve the temperature and brakes so I have to push it a lot before the brake.
  15. alexbaldwin
    Version: 0.5 for now
    Would you be ok with me making a video for my channel? :)
    1. Milos
      Author's Response
      No problem Alex! :)
  16. MS13
    Version: 0.5 for now
    dude can you update the photos of the drivers please??
    1. Milos
  17. chris66721
    Version: 0.5 for now
    Simply just fantastic! Could you tell me how were you able to form the chassis? I'm planning to go for a 2006 mod, but I cannot form the 2014 chassis of the cars :S
    1. Milos
      Author's Response
      It's not formed, just extracted from the DLC files for F1 2013 :D
  18. Philipp Koch
    Philipp Koch
    Version: 0.5 for now
    so very good mod !!
  19. bonnejv
    Version: 0.5 for now
    You've actually given us a brand new game, I love it!
    1. Milos
      Author's Response
      that's awesome to hear! It is exactly what I wanted :D
  20. Darth
    Version: 0.5 for now
    How on earth did you do this one, awesome!
    1. Milos
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