1992 car skin pack 1.0

By Milos Ancevski, and needforspeedgamer

  1. Milos
    (hopefully all the files are in :roflmao:)

    THIS IS:
    The 1992 car skin pack made by me, and needforspeedgamer. This is not a full mod, and contains skins for 12 cars of the 1992 season. The rest of the cars will be included in a separate package. Teams are replaced by this:

    Caterham->Fondmetal - by NFSgamer
    Force India->Benetton - base livery by NFSgamer, logos added by me
    HRT->Brabham - base livery by NFSgamer, logos added by me
    Mercedes->Laurosse/Venturi - minor fixes by NFSgamer
    Red Bull->Tyrrell
    Toro Rosso->Minardi
    Williams->Williams - by NFSgamer (some credit goes to @Steven Poirier on this one too)

    Finally, here are pics of the modded cars from a render:

    There's a video of it too now:

    Cheers guys :)

Recent Reviews

  1. Tiko280
    Version: 1.0
    nice one colours great work