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McLaren SAP MP4-29

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So.. My first skin mod on F1 2014..
For all the McLaren fans, now you can drive without the ugly looking testing livery. To install copy the livery_main inside the zip package into cars/mc2 folder. Sadly, it contains only the SD version. Possibly could be doing the HD version later!

If you don't like it, then be patient, next weekend I'll do a mobil 1 McLaren!

Screenshots (credit goes to @Jimlaad43 for these)

If something is wrong please give constructive feedback

your precious career mode team has been saved by a Ferrari fan.. yeah
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I think Codemasters have had a lot of license issue.. which i dont get.. since they brand them on that its the only OFFICIAL game for Formula 1.

But as Giovaneveterano says it is too dark. We know you havent changed the color, and thats the problem, we want you to :D ... its way brighter IRL
Good to see constructive feedback! Lots of guys saying it needs to be lighter, will try something out when I find more time :)
thanks you
The livery should be brighter.
Alternative liveries with Esso or Mobil could be wonderful!
Nice job :)
I haven't changed the color it's the same as the default mclaren. But thanks!