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2-way Traffic Layout for "Feldbergring" 2019-09-16

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Installation: put the contents in your Feldberg folder in game location on the HDD '..\AssettoCorsa\content\tracks\feldberg". It does not change any of your current files, only adds a layout "Feldbergring 2ways traffic"

With this additional layout you can use Track day / Weekend for driving in AI traffic. I didn`t limit the speed of AI so it`s as competitive as in race. You could limit it if you like - unpack the "ai_hints.7z" in "..\AssettoCorsa\content\tracks\feldberg\feldberg_2ways\data" to get the AI to obey a max 110 kph limit or edit the .ini to read whatever speed you fancy.

The additional feature of Custom Shaders Patch - "AI Flood" can be used too if you want a denser traffic around you. Make sure in such case to enable these:
AI Flood.jpg

If you want to use the wet variant of the track for 2-ways traffic, copying just the "fast_lane.ai" to the wet layout can do it for you. To keep the wet 1-way for later you can rename/move/pack the default "fast_lane.ai" beforehand.

If you have trouble loading the layout edit this line of "models_feldberg_2ways.ini"

updated models.jpg

to the name of the actual "physics*.kn5" that you have in

Happy driving!
  • Screenshot_ks_maserati_quattroporte_feldberg_28-7-119--43-3.jpg
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Latest reviews

Thank u for that experience. Really fun with CSP AI Flood. I think, I have to tweak some values there to avoid car packs.
My question is, why the track cameras are on the wrong posiitions? Is there a way to fix that?
I uploaded some F3 camera add-ons after I found an easy way of making them.


In those there is some flickering and seemingly random switching between cameras - can't be avoided because the F3 view follows the position of the center if gravity of the selected car and it switches direction according to what lane is closest. In 2-way inevitably there is alternating between the lanes. The least flicker is seen when F3 follows a car with AI. So try to select AI car for the track side camera views in replay and from the pits.
big thanks
I really enjoy the race rack. really fun. But the 2 way track is still falling through the map. even with physics*.kn5. Any ideas why, like is genuinely physics* or is the star a number
The asterisk is to represent either "4" or "3". Look for the "physics3.kn5" or "physics4.kn5" in the track`s folder and edit the model***.ini as necessary.
This is cool, but i have a problem with it. When i load a track day with 35 AI all the cars just fall into infinite making it unplayable. Help
Thank you for the cool grade. Look in the support tab where I already explained that special attention have to be payed to the version of "physics*.kn5" as you may have the more recent track. It will work as long as you edit the "models_feldberg_2ways.ini" with the right version that you have. Read the description once again carefully.
Good job. Thanks for sharing
Pretty cool. Love me some traffic layouts. I just think you should have limited the AI tracklimits to one lane only to avoid them from overtaking and crashing into each other. Ideally they'd be smart enough to overtake AND avoid crashes, but let's face it, that'll never happen, so i think i'd prefer them to just stay on one lane.
Glad you liked it. One lane would be worse when you add opponents with different cars - they are just gonna drive in pack behind the slowest and that`s no fun. In my country traffic sometimes late at night looks exactly like in this layout : )
Limiting the speed should do what you described - no overtaking and accidents.
Have fun!
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