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2-way layout for "Targa-Florio", model for terrain, config and ppfilter fixed1fixed

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The loop for the AI on "Targa-Florio" took as long as that for "Glencoe" but the effort was even harder.
TF times 2way.jpg





The "GIS" add-on for Blender was used for creating the 3d model of the landscape.
TF srtm.jpg

"Google Earth Pro" was the means for the main texture. Then came the hard part - matching all with the track's model. I know the mesh is not connected as it should but for now this is the best I can do for this track.

If like me you find the "shadows" in the lower half of the trees way too dark and can't find a sweet spot with CSP-config, there's the reason:
norm wrong.jpg

instead of
norm up.jpg

To rectify that situation there is a much easier way:
norm up 3dS.jpg

For that to be applied only on the trees, treelines, cliffs, crowds and horizon you have to isolate the objects by copy-pasting filtered objects into new model, then erase those filtered from the "targa_florio.kn5" and save a temporary model without overwriting the original. Close "targa_florio.kn5" and open the temporary into which copy-paste the edited objects from the new model, save the temporary with a slightly different name (ie "1targa_florio.kn5") and test it by editing the "models***.ini" and loading the track with the edited model to check if all is good. I included into "..\targa_florio\2way\extension\" a variant of the CSP config for the corrected normals.

Install: make sure your "Targa-Florio" is working ok (assettodb version 0.5) and then place the contents of this .7z into "..\assettocorsa\content\tracks\". Confirm merging of folders to add the "Traffic" and "Freeroam" layouts.

Update 30.10.2020: For v.0.92 of the track use the link from this post.

In "--ppfilter--" subfolder you may find the filter I use to get warmer colors with CSP v0.1.51 weather. The "1__AB_warm.ini" is meant to go into "..\AssettoCorsa\system\cfg\ppfilters\" should you choose to give it a try.

Recommended settings:
ai flood.jpg
csp weather.jpg

PS - included are couple of surprises for those that like to tweak the weather and season for the track. I leave to you to find out what they are. :)

Happy driving!
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Latest reviews

Thanks for this traffic. I'm very glad! Hope you'll update it to v0.8.
Can you support version 0.8?plz!
I suppose so but first I have to get it. Write me a PM and point me to a source for download. Mind the RD censorship and use a picture instead of text.
I give it 5 stars because it will be my problem ..
it doesn't work for me.
the circuits appear to me in transparent, and once inside by car it stays spinning in the air in box
I'm grateful for the grade but will be more satisfied to see it working for you. Did you notice the remarks for the version that is compatible -

If "yes" then try posting more info on the problem in "Discussion" and I will do something to help you fix it.
Thanks a lot, one of my favorite tracks is even better.
Many thanks.
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