1. A

    2-way layout for "Targa-Florio", model for terrain, config and ppfilter fixed1fixed

    The loop for the AI on "Targa-Florio" took as long as that for "Glencoe" but the effort was even harder. Install: make sure your "Targa-Florio" is working ok (assettodb version 0.5) and then place the contents of this .7z into "..\assettocorsa\content\tracks\". Confirm merging of folders...
  2. vadhil

    Roads_n_Terrain_pack1 1/3

    Optimised material textures... 4 terrains and 4 road types with side transtition... example: grass(as terrain) - dirt(as road)
  3. A

    2-way and Race layouts for "Longford 1967", terrain fixes, CSP grass, WetFX, bounced light 2020-01-22

    This relatively small track has very big potential for fun. Try it for yourself. Install: make sure your "Longford 1967" is in good condition and then unzip this package into the track`s folder "..\content\tracks\longford_67\". Confirm overwrite to get the new AI lines for the race layout with...