1970's Performance Mustangs .90b

Good Ol'Merican Pony Cars

  1. wheel adjustment

    Joshua Widder
    CM mistake, apparently it somehow moved the steering wheel model, just reexported and all is well
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  2. Wheels go round and round

    Joshua Widder
    - quick fix to the failed binding of the tires to rotating empty after correcting the textures
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  3. Lets go racing

    Joshua Widder
    - fixed the no available slots error, online should work (make sure to delete the old folders)
    - Added rim-blurs to the LOD B's of the R cars, should not have floating tires anymore
    - Fixed the gap in 429R hood scoop, driver should feel much less air coming into the cockpit
    - Right hand tires aren't backwards anymore, no more mirrors needed to read firestone
    - Changed default 302R rear end to 4.11, should help the ai be a bit more competitive
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  4. The Boss gets more performance!

    Joshua Widder
    Change Log:
    - LOD B for the boss 302, 429, feedback wanted
    - New tyre physics, looking for feedback
    - Introduction of the R cars
    - Updates to the force feedback multiplier
    - Many other tiny changes
  5. Colliding in the Dark

    Joshua Widder
    Since no one responded if my new collider worked, I am releasing it with all the hopes of it working. Here it is along with some minor fixes to the rear leaf springs and the animations on the Mach 1's. Also included is an update to the decals to allow for them to be "turned off" using transparent texture. So have fun with the amazing skins.
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  6. Braking the Car in

    Joshua Widder
    -Updated tires aligning the performance closer to brake tests without sacrificing the general characteristics.
    -Updated brakes with noticeable fade, especially the drum rears
    -Fixed hole in hood of 429
    -Driver animation issue fixed
    -Template added(let me know if you need anything else)
    -Increased FFB in the Boss cars
    -Dash Camera removed from within the dash and is now placed on top of the dash
    -Various little bug fixes here and there.
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  7. Fixed Mach 1 AI Wasting Fuel in Pits (continuously revving)

    Joshua Widder
    Just fixing the Mach 1's shift point for the AI being a bit too high, tested in track day and should be good now.
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