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1970's Performance Mustangs

1970's Performance Mustangs .90b

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Assetto Corsa has some of the definitive Italian, German, and British cars in their licenses with Alfa, Ferrari, Porsche, and Lotus, but it is time that America is represented with the definitive pony car from the golden age of American muscle cars, the Ford Mustang.

3D Modeller, Physics, Textures - Joshua Widder
Import, Textures, Advice - Alberto Daniel Russo
Skins - Andy-R, Ben Dovah

survey on tire selection

This is obviously not 1.0, but the car is feature complete as far as physics and model is concerned with LODs and further polish left. If a bug is found please let me know in the thread. Hope you all enjoy.
Joshua Widder
File size
389.2 MB
First release
Last update
4.93 star(s) 95 ratings

Latest updates

  1. wheel adjustment

    CM mistake, apparently it somehow moved the steering wheel model, just reexported and all is well
  2. Wheels go round and round

    - quick fix to the failed binding of the tires to rotating empty after correcting the textures
  3. Lets go racing

    Changelog: - fixed the no available slots error, online should work (make sure to delete the old...
  4. The Boss gets more performance!

    Change Log: - LOD B for the boss 302, 429, feedback wanted - New tyre physics, looking for...
  5. Colliding in the Dark

    Since no one responded if my new collider worked, I am releasing it with all the hopes of it...

Latest reviews

Love your work!
Excellent implementation of my dream car. Thanks for your super-detailed work. I am working on a Trans Am version of it and your mod had the best superlight model I could find. I originally found this mod and another on another site. The other is listed as "author unknown", but I suspect it may be yours as well. Eitherway, this is my sincere thanks and a humble request to use your materials in my rework. The ACL Trans Am mod needs a 1970 Boss.

Just my #1 favourite car. Thank you!
Excellent job. Thanks
A must have for AC.
Great mod. Alberto Daniel Russo is a great artist ( I love the rust skin ). You can see a3dr artwork (including this mod) on their web site here https://a3dr.artstation.com/projects.
Thanks to Joshua and all those involved for making these cars come to life in AC.
These muscle cars are so fun to drive around the amazing Mosport track mod! Great sound and feel. I used to drive a 73 Mustang with a 302..these bring back good memories.
Most excellent model year choices.
I adore muscle cars, and this mod got me so much happiness around some classic US road circuits available for AC :) The sounds, especially exterior and ambient, together with handling are spectacular and haven't heard such great sound work in mods for a long time. I give the mod 5 stars easily. I do have one "issue" or a little complaint: The one interior engine sound that is used for Boss 302 R, 429, 429R, Mach 1 and Mach 1 428 has some weird metallic noise or music in the background looping that really puts me off at times. Both on and off throttle. The 429R version is even more obvious, I believe it maybe due to using higher RPM. I've seen similar muscle cars mods use the same sample. The 302 version from this mod has a completely different sample and is great, no "issues" there on the interior sound, but its exterior sound is a bit underwhelming or "weak" comparing to the other one. Playing on final version of AC 1.16.3
wow, great looking, sounds great and handling goes under the skin. go on with modding. i love this mod with this cars.
Really nice work thanks
you good bro
Thank you, this is great :D
Wot a great addition to my garage Thank you
In french: beau modèle, physic semble t'il pas mal, et puis quel son.!. Merci
American Muscle not a fan but looks nice
this is superb, proper US muscle cars, thanks for your efforts,
try them at Riverside folks!
Thanks so much for creating these iconic cars. I raced them at Mont Tremblant where they still race a couple times a year. It feels so good!
Very good quality, man.
There appears to be a problem with the exterior and interior sounds being swapped around. The car is louder from the inside for some reason. Also, I am not sure if the car is supposed to have no tachometer, but you can correct me if I am wrong.
Joshua Widder
Joshua Widder
The issue is that there is no custom sounds for the car, the closest car to the majority of the Mustangs is the Shelby, using a similar engine to the 428/9 in the two big block cars. And no, the cars did not come with tachs standard.