1970's Performance Mustangs

1970's Performance Mustangs 0.92

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Assetto Corsa has some of the definitive Italian, German, and British cars in their licenses with Alfa, Ferrari, Porsche, and Lotus, but it is time that America is represented with the definitive pony car from the golden age of American muscle cars, the Ford Mustang.

3D Modeller, Physics, Textures - Joshua Widder
Import, Textures, Advice - Alberto Daniel Russo
Skins - Andy-R, Ben Dovah

survey on tire selection



This is obviously not 1.0, but the car is feature complete as far as physics and model is concerned with LODs and further polish left. If a bug is found please let me know in the thread. Hope you all enjoy.

Latest updates

  1. Brakes + Tires Update

    I have since left modding, but I have been asked to upload the current, long sitting, gathering...
  2. wheel adjustment

    CM mistake, apparently it somehow moved the steering wheel model, just reexported and all is well
  3. Wheels go round and round

    - quick fix to the failed binding of the tires to rotating empty after correcting the textures

Latest reviews

Awesome Cars, beautifully detailed and fantastic tyre physics and handling. I especially love the way the car wobbles from the tyre deformation when going over large curbs like the ones a Road America.
thank you very much.
I love Joshua's cars, especially Boss 302R and 429R, they are so much fun to drive
Best looking muscle car there ever was and will be. Thank you for making a kid's dream come true.
Thanks so much for the great mod. Really fun cars. Especially the Boss 429R which is great fun to slide around.

If you haven't downloaded yet, here's a video so you can see what you're missing out on.

Great cars, thanks for sharing!
These cars drive and look fantastic. One of the best driving mod in ac. A pity to read you've done with modding.
Super cool, thanks man!!!
Great job, like it very much :-.)
Thx for making this realistic mod
Love 'em! Think you really get that 70s feeling when you're driving.
Great work and Thank You for making them for us.
Great work! Thank You!
Good stuff!
Absolutely fantastic pack! Great work! Thank You!
Awesome cars, I'm fixing up a 71' right now so it was sick to see what potential it has!
awesome. thank u
Absolutely love this mod! This is one of my favorite mods out there

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