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pony car

  1. Joshua Widder

    1970 AMC Javelins 0.5a

    This is a mod I have had sitting around for a while now and I figure I should just release it in its unfinished, but playable state. I will not be providing any model updates. On with the mod. In keeping with my theme of American pony cars from the muscle car era, I present the AMC Javelins...
  2. Joshua Widder

    1970's Performance Mustangs 0.92

    Assetto Corsa has some of the definitive Italian, German, and British cars in their licenses with Alfa, Ferrari, Porsche, and Lotus, but it is time that America is represented with the definitive pony car from the golden age of American muscle cars, the Ford Mustang. Credits: 3D Modeller...