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Assetto Corsa Released on Steam Early Access!

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Bram Hengeveld, Nov 8, 2013.

  1. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei
    Modelling: Rover Mini Premium Member

    Lol what version of the game you have? hehe
    Its on Challenges/HotLap
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  2. Check if you are in "Challenges" mode - in "Practice" there is no Ghost car :)
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  3. I'm sry my bad. It seems like it's only possible in hot-lap mode

    Disregard already explained
  4. Another example:

  5. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford
    Premium Member

  6. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei
    Modelling: Rover Mini Premium Member

    I dont u se Blur because its unnatural...but HDR is ON even if its to bright sometimes it looks good
  7. Andrew Ford
    I have motion blur set high and hdr on…i want the best graphics available on my cpu
    is this correct or should i turn hdr off and motion blur off?

    HDR and Motion Blur are Post Processing effects and have nothing to do with your CPU, it's on your GPU or iGPU or APU or whatever
  8. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford
    Premium Member

    so in english?lol
    sorry but i don't understand too much technical sttuff?

    is hdr to do with brightenning colours and motion blur does....?
  9. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford
    Premium Member

    just read above. thanks!
  10. William Wester

    William Wester
    Premium Member

    Anyone able to run AC in CrossFire? I have only have a few laps in since installing and so far the performance seems very good even on only one HD7850, but it would be nice to take advantage of my other HD7850. I am using MSI Afterburner to monitor.
  11. Purchases and no regrets (need to turn HDR off though as looks better without it)
    how long for AI (this will determine for me if I go back to GSC or stick with AC)??
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  12. What exactly does the full screen rendering checkbox do in video settings? My game runs fullscreen in native resolution with or without it.
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  13. Just a guess, but I reckon it's the same as "full screen" vs "a borderless window covering the entire screen". The latter makes things like alt-tabbing out of the game much faster for instance, but also has a performance hit. Dunno the fine details more than that, hopefully someone can come along with a better answer.
  14. Exactly. However, the windowed mode does not utilize a borderless window, but rather positions the whole window so that the borders and title bar are outside the screen.
  15. Here is what I did to achieve good graphics (for NVIDIA GPU's):

    In-game settings:

    1- Turn off HDR and Motion Blur (both options are causing that blurry aspect);
    2- Set Anisostropic Filtering to 2x (it's VERY resource intensive on this game, don't know why);
    3- Set Shadows to High and AA to 4x;
    4- Turn off Vertical Sync (use NVIDIA Inspector's one instead);
    5- Turn off "Lock Onboard Camera to Horizon";
    6- Set Cubemap Resolution to Low (very resource intensive) and Faces per Frame to 6 (for real-time car reflections);

    NVIDIA Inspector:

    1- Create a profile for Assetto Corsa (add both acs.exe and acShowroom.exe);
    2- Set AA Transparency Supersampling to 4x Sparse Grid Supersampling (say goodbye to jaggies and ugly shadows);
    3- Set Vertical Sync Tear Control to Adaptive or On (optional).

    Results: 60 FPS all the time (except during Monza replays).

    My configuration: i5 2300, 4GB, SSD and GTX 660Ti.


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  16. I have to say, this game is great but it has some issues.

    1. The sound of the cars is disappointing. No grunt whatsoever. The Ferrari is the worst. Instead of beautiful Italian NA V8 i hear a synthetised random engine sound.

    2. Some cars have to much grip. The Lotus 49 is waaay to planted and i'm doing my best but i can't make the Z4 to lose grip at all. Same for the GT2 M3, 2nd gear and pedal to the floor, it doesn't move by an inch. (i turned TC OFF with ctrl+t)
    This can't be right, even if lap times are correct. Please think of something.

    3. Game is too bright sometimes, and there is to much aliasing, even with 4xAA. (ugh, THANKS ANDRE)

    I hope Kunos takes this in consideration, because this game is the future of simracing.
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  17. Apparently the GT2 BMW is very planted in real life.

    I have no issues getting the Z4 sideways, but i agree the sounds are very poor. The rest is amazing.
  18. I had to disable crossfire on my 6950's because of lots of flickering. Running AMD Catalyst 13.11 Beta 9.2
  19. It seems that everytime i try to drift with the Z4, "EDM" gets in the way. What is it and how do i turn it off ?

    It may be, but those are professional pilots that make it look easy. Plus i can't do it even if i try.

    What about the Lotus 49 ?