Track "Ronde Cévenole" 42km by JCRR



Here is finally the track "Ronde Cévenole" ... after 5 years of construction.
It is 42 km long and rare are the same textures. They are created according to images taken on the spot in the Cévennes.
Attention, the file is heavy ... it takes a good graphics card and absolutely apply the patch 4go on GTL.exe.
Shadows should be set to "medium".
By driving without mirror or in view "hood" you can still win some FPS.

If the track does not want to load in GTL, you can place the .hat file provided in GTL / userData / LOG / HAT.

Sorry, I can not suggest here, on RACEDEPARTMENT, this track. (575mo ...). To download it, please go to this link:


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Hope you like it

Good road!


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