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La Ronde Cevenole by JCRR

La Ronde Cevenole by JCRR 1.1

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Circuit de la Ronde Cevenole Light (41km + 1km pits) by JCRR (5 years of work!!!)
Video by Nappe1

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Overview :
Start line... huge, we realize that we are jumping in a fantastic journey... it is not like a common track where we can reach the limits laps after laps... Here, there are so many curves and long roads... We are never safe... but the talented drivers will succeed to make hard time, I am confident... the Ronde Cevenole is a circuit, not rally track... It was a Targa where all race cars were authorized... but located in mountain with time trial... What is great is the variety of vegetation... Start is on a flat 4 km road, then this is the crazy narrow "cascades d'Orgon", 3 km, with falls everywhere, only 1st/2nd gears then acceleration to "descente du Minier", 15 km fast, a little bit larger but very tricky and a wonderful panorama, then we arrive at the lowest point (altitude 350m) to go up "Mandagout" on 5 km curvy and fast road, no straight line here, many turns in 3rd/4th gear without clear visibility... And spectacular hill to "Col des Mourèzes"... Very nice vegetation which makes the scene alive... Then this is the famous "Mandagout"... 3,5km of narrow, fast and curvy road to "Puech Arnal"... Here we can recognize these nice and technical 3,5km, with great variety... then we reach the "col de la Luzette" (7 km) with many tricky turns, fast and jumpy road to the finish line (1300m)... We can now breathe again, happy or frustrated to have made so many mistakes, we realize the crazy time we could have done with a cleaner lap... At this era, it was not easier in real ! Moreover, the drivers made 10 laps a day, alone in the car, sometimes inside powerful racing prototypes as Lola T210 or Grac MT14... Indeed, even for me who has made this track, at every start I feel so emotional, it is so impressive that I just can't get enough... Unlimited lifetime would say any tester...

Changelog :
- initial release

- changed track name to avoid conflict with original one from JCRR (thanks to Nappe1 for info)
- restored few HD tree textures for 5mo more
- added GTL/GTR2 quick conversion

Installation :
- download & install LaRonde
- if CTD happens then use 4Gb Patch on your GTL.exe (see [4GB_Patch] folder for 4GB Patch by Daniel Pistelli)
- HD Textures option (OS 64 bits + 4GB RAM MINIMUM)

OPTIONAL GTL/GTR2 quick conversion :
By default the track is designed for GTR2 but it works with GTL too after installing conversion patch.
1- copy GTR2 version in your GTL install (overwrite GameData + UserData)
2- open [GTLegends_Quick_Conversion_Patch] folder to copy-paste-overwrite GameData + UserData in your GTL install

High PC specs required !!!
Set graphics on low/medium and use hood view for better FPS. You can also deactivate mirror view.
Press «E» to come back on track anytime you quit the road
Replay TV cams are limited at 120...so they did not work anymore after 16th kilometer. Consequently I have added a [CAMs] folder if you wanna see other areas : rename the cam file of your choice as LaRonde.cam and overwrite main cam file.


Original HD version (550Mo) by JCRR (OS 64 bits + 4GB RAM MINIMUM) :
Forpiot for the thousands of pictures we have taken at la Ronde...
SCGT4EVER for kind permission to use his cars
Thierrydu81 who teached me how to make lights and fog in GTL.
Friends at RFR
Ga2jo who post my tracks at RFR

Xpacks :
Xpacks persos (textures, grass, trees, cars, objects)
14000 vegetation
Great Britain
PLP signalisation

Light version (280Mo) reworked by GTR233 (OS 32 bits + 2GB RAM MINIMUM):
DurgeDriven for new HAT files
JCRR for original track and for kind permission to make a light version of this masterpiece for lower PCs
Nappe1 for track name advice
Beta tests by DurgeDriven, Philipp & syhlif32
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Latest reviews

Fascinating experiment. Interesting track, not great for all cars. Road is a little too tight really. Textures are pretty dated. Lots of detail, good effort!
Thank you
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