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Discussion in 'DiRT Rally 2.0' started by leon_90, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. Rob Every

    Rob Every

    This is all very simple.

    I think most of us are agreed that in terms of quality, the stages and driving physics in DR1 were bang on. Agreed with some wheels and in certain cars like the Stratos or 037 or the fwd cars at times they were perhaps not perfect. But in essence, when you got into it, the feeling of driving a car through a stage was achieved very well. As only before in RBR but thatw as years ago and things have moved on for most of us.

    Dirt 4 we all knew was going to be an arcade game, a Vrally type game. So I never bought it as I knew what it was going to be like, and after DR1 knew this was not what I wanted. They improved RX, but that wasn't hard. You had to invest time in DR1, a thing lots of folk don't have, D4 was pick up and play meh stuff.

    If DR2 keeps and improves on the two things that made DR1 great, the car physics and design, difficulty and style of the stages I will buy it. Not from new, but I will buy it. Even with the same amount of locations and the same amount of cars I will buy it, DR1 was worth every penned, I put over 300 hours into it and got to the point where I knew stages, but I still played it and loved it, best sim I have ever played.

    Rallycross I couldn't care less about IMG made sure it was on there, their marketing is aggressive and ruthless, but really it's only there for online play, hence most DLC was aimed at that and keeping people playing online, but it was garbage. The tracks were well done, but it was fairly tame.
    For me to say that is hard, I have watched rallycross since 1985, and the way it has been destroyed by a sports marketing company annoys me so much it hurts.

    Keep the DR1 physics and stage design methods and I'm in.
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  2. Bruno Iwanczuk

    Bruno Iwanczuk
    Premium Race Ban

    For me the most important thing they need to fix is the setup effect on handling. In Dirt Rally i couldn't feel any change when touching many of the setup settings.

    For example in Assetto Corsa when i change the antiroll bars i can cleary feel the understeer and oversteer effects. In Dirt Rally i feel nothing.

    And of course 540º steering animation.
  3. shadow118


    Look at the gameplay videos for DR2, it already has that. Matter of fact, DiRT4 already had those
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