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Hi all,

I am aware that this question has probably already been asked several times but I browsed the forum and could not find the answer I was looking for.

I am currently having a blast with F1 2018 on the PC (Career mode, driving with a controller at 90 AI for the moment) and I want to start a new career with McLaren.

I love the team and I love the look of the car (It's orange, I'm Dutch duh!).

My only problem is the sound of the *Renault* engine it kinda bugs me and ruins my immersion and I know for a fact that this will cause me to quit the career for it.

My question is the following:

Is there a simple way I can make the McLaren sound like a Mercedes.

I do not need any additional sounds or mods with older sound files from different cars, the in-game sounds from the current Mercedes motor will suffice for me.

I did some checking around with a software program called EGO erp archiver and I get a lot of code lines but cannot seem to find my way through it.

Thank you for your efforts and answers.


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It's a Renault engine
Jeez off course you are right. I changed it in the post, sadly i cannot edit the title of the thread I think?

Thanks for giving the heads-up.

Though I made a mistake it doesn't change the question, do you have any idea's on how we can swap the sound from RENAULT to Mercedes :) ?
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