engine sound

  1. B

    Realistic Ferrari Engine Sound Mod 1

    This aims to bring your playing experience to higher level by hearing the engine sound better, more aggressive. And improved pitch tone.
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  3. HeskeyBoy21

    More Power Units F1 2021 1.06

    ![Developed for game patch 1.18.1]! Check out my F1 Mods Trailer: Watch on YouTube Note: While potentially fixed, a bug that stops wing damage from affecting performance could still occur. The quick solution if this happens, go into instant replay mode and back out! Performance will now...
  4. bartivyzx

    Sound not working with Ferarri dream pack

    I bought and installed the Ferarri pack today and was really hyped to do some hotlapping with the F2004 and the SF70-H. Unfortunately the engine sounds are not working. If i drive on a track the surface sounds of the kerbs and stuff like that are there but the engine is completely silent :(...
  5. D

    Swap Tesla or Taycan engine sound to petrol car mod?

    Hello! Is it possible to swap the engine sound of the Tesla Model 3, Roadster, or Porsche Taycan to a petrol car, so that the petrol car sounds like an electric car? Also another question. If a car mod, does not have the "DATA" folder, how do I edit the car/engine physics?
  6. DoBrowOolny

    McLaren Mercedes Engine Sound 1.0

    About: This mod replaces Renault engine sound to Mercedes engine sound in McLaren car. Installation: This is manual installation. To work first you need Ego Erp Archiver - https://p2t5r.itch.io/ego-erp-archiver. After extracting the files you need to open Ego Erp Archiver and open the...
  7. runzavion

    F1 2013 [Question] How to replace correctly engine's sounds?

    Hey guys, I'm new here and I have a question about modding I wanted to replace a v6 engine to Marussia, and I used EGO File Converter to edit carsetups.xml in audio folder. I rename the Marussia engine bundle with the v6 engine. It works and the game didn't crash, but when I tested the car...
  8. B

    Sounds Assetto Corsa Request F1 Honda Car Sound

    Hey all! i was wondering is theres an audio modder out here that would be able to record and create this into a sound mod file onboard that would be awesome i have been trying to make my own but its way to complicated for me i watched some videos
  9. mothabrain

    once again engine sound problems

    hey everyone, i know its really an old story havin issues with enigne sounds but this time i'm stuck. i don't use any sound mod at all because i'm tired of running a system integrity check and copyin back and forth the bank files. so this time, there are missing some of the engine sounds...
  10. D

    F1 2018 Swap engine sounds - Honda to Mercedes

    Hi all, I am aware that this question has probably already been asked several times but I browsed the forum and could not find the answer I was looking for. I am currently having a blast with F1 2018 on the PC (Career mode, driving with a controller at 90 AI for the moment) and I want to start...
  11. FJBH10

    F1 2017 Engine Variety Mod 1.0

    This mod aims to add some variety to the on-track engine sounds. Now you can enjoy a bit of a change when you are chasing & driving different cars. I know this doesn't really make sense in terms of realism but I really enjoy hearing the different engine sounds through the race and I hope you...