engine sound

  1. runzavion

    [Question] How to replace correctly engine's sounds?

    Hey guys, I'm new here and I have a question about modding I wanted to replace a v6 engine to Marussia, and I used EGO File Converter to edit carsetups.xml in audio folder. I rename the Marussia engine bundle with the v6 engine. It works and the game didn't crash, but when I tested the car...
  2. B

    Sounds Assetto Corsa Request F1 Honda Car Sound

    Hey all! i was wondering is theres an audio modder out here that would be able to record and create this into a sound mod file onboard that would be awesome i have been trying to make my own but its way to complicated for me i watched some videos
  3. mothabrain

    once again engine sound problems

    hey everyone, i know its really an old story havin issues with enigne sounds but this time i'm stuck. i don't use any sound mod at all because i'm tired of running a system integrity check and copyin back and forth the bank files. so this time, there are missing some of the engine sounds...
  4. D

    Swap engine sounds - Honda to Mercedes

    Hi all, I am aware that this question has probably already been asked several times but I browsed the forum and could not find the answer I was looking for. I am currently having a blast with F1 2018 on the PC (Career mode, driving with a controller at 90 AI for the moment) and I want to start...
  5. FJBH10

    F1 2017 Engine Variety Mod 1.0

    This mod aims to add some variety to the on-track engine sounds. Now you can enjoy a bit of a change when you are chasing & driving different cars. I know this doesn't really make sense in terms of realism but I really enjoy hearing the different engine sounds through the race and I hope you...