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Stock Car Extreme bug report thread (READ THE OPENING POST)

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Renato Simioni

Reiza Studios
OK let´s try this again - PLEASE READ THE OPENING POST BEFORE POSTING. Posts that don´t observe the requirements may be moved / removed.

Please concentrate your bug reports for v1.27 on this thread.

Make sure to check the release notes on the release thread before posting.

If you may please elect to adapt the following report form below:

Track & Layout Used:
Car Used:
Applicable Settings:
Steps to reproduce:


Track & Layout Used: Montreal 88
Car Used: Formula V12
Applicable Settings: n/a
Report: After losing front wing the car gets airborn above around 100mph.
Steps to reproduce: Crash and lose front wing, drive fast ;)

For any difficulties related to installing, running or setting up the game which are not necessarily bugs in the software, please refer to our GUIDES . If you need further assistance use the v1.27 release thread .

Please allow time for us to test, verify and rectify the issues. We might not reply to you right away but rest assured if you posted here, we will have read it.

Please avoid posting new threads for bug reports, it´s the easiest way to make sure your report gets lost in the shuffle.


im still getting the Vee skipping (in pits) when the cars are in the garages. But the garage LOD value fixes that. ive had to drop the garage LODto 0.1 to stop it, that's a lot lower than the remedy before. I could use 0.2.
This setting pretty much fixes that but at the cost of bad pop up cars in the garage.

Garage Detail="0.10000" // LOD multiplier when vehicle is in garage (0.01-1.00)

Track & Layout Used: Johannesberg
Car Used: Vee
Applicable Settings: 19 AI full gfx no blur.
Report: Skipping driving out from garage, with AI in garages. Gets better as cars leave garages. Some minor skips around back end of track.
Steps to reproduce: The above anytime

funny thing is no other car on 0.6 LOD has any trouble even the retros.
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This has been happening since I have gotten GSCE I believe it was version 1.21 then, I am not sure if this has been reported yet or if its a bug, but I decided to report it today. Whenever I join a server with the Stock V8s both 2013 and 2014 versions, I hear a car engine revving to the max and very loud for about 1 or 2 seconds then it stops and everything loads normal. This has cause me with my headphones quite often some ear pain and tonight was the worst case that made me decided to report this.

Keep up the good work. Cheers

Track & Layout Used
: Everytrack so far online
Car Used: Stock V8 2013-2014
Applicable Settings:
Report:Loud revving engine when joining a server online
Steps to reproduce: Join a server with people already in server driving around.


Bought GSC on steam today and if I install the updates then I have to activate my game.
Instaled the 1.25 first then the 1.252 and then the 1.27!
what is wrong here?


All the gear, no idea...
Bought GSC on steam today and if I install the updates then I have to activate my game.
Instaled the 1.25 first then the 1.252 and then the 1.27!
what is wrong here?
You don't need to install individual updates for the steam version, just the non steam standalone version and I think if you buy the game through steam you can't use the non steam version

Renato Simioni

Reiza Studios
Yes to the above - the RAR packages are strictly for non-Steam installations. A Steam installation will auto-update.
Track & Layout Used:Interlagos Kart 1, Londrina Kart 1, Floripa Kart 1
Car Used:125cc Kart Shifter
Applicable Settings: 15 to 24 AI drivers full GFX no Shadows Blur
Report: Lots of stutters even lowering AI to 15, already put time scale to none, on floripa track sometimes it runs smooth others dont.
Steps to reproduce: Load Any kart track with 24 AI and stutters should happens sooner or later, londrina and interlagos stutters even with only 15 AI.

Every other car i tried , Opala, Mini, Formula Extreme/reiza runs perfectly with 24 AI full grid, Karts overall physics and FFB are extremely good.. and i think i will spend most of my time running them with the superb AI u guys have coded... but Karts are the most problem makers with stutter as far as i experienced.
Any word on that?


Running Machine:
AMD fx8350 octa core 4.0ghz
Evga Gtx 760 OC
12 Gb Ram ddr 3 1600mhz
No overclock.
Full performance mode, no energy saving whatsoever, no cpu parked.
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Track & Layout Used: Londrina kart 3
Car Used: GX390 Race
Applicable Settings:
Report: Can't create a multiplayer with these new karts. I select one and the course loads but I get a 'Cannot boot server' message in the window, and others trying to join can't select these karts. If I create a race with other karts eg.shifter 125cc it works fine.
Steps to reproduce: Select multiplayer, create game.
Track & Layout Used: Any
Car Used: Any
Applicable Settings: Any
Report:in every race, I always start first even when I choose to not start at the front of the grid.

Please fix this. This problem's been with us since 1.21 (I think). It's a bit annoying. I'd suggest it should be a priority as it affects every race / the entire game.

I know that a workaround is to run qualy then skip session to end up last. But that's a bit of a hassle that shouldn't be there.

Other than that, it's practically the only game I play as it's so great.
Track & Layout Used: All that I ran.
Car Used:Stock V8
Applicable Settings:
Report:Texture Pop In
Steps to reproduce:

Did not do it in v.1.21 or 1.25 best to my knownledge but in v.1.27 the windshield wiper on the cars show up and than don't show up, pops in and out, during a race. Thought it might be a driver problem but it didn't do it with the last two versions. I can live it. GSCE is a great game.
Non-steam version, not gameplay related :

Alt-tab out of the game just produced a strange issue: When i tried to alt-tab back into the game the screen wouldn't come up, but it seemed like it did switch because if i moved the mouse around i could hear the effect that the game produces when you hover over options tabs. Is this a game bug or what is it that prevents the screen to come back up ?
Track & Layout Used: Any
Car Used: V12 (others too, not the Mini)
Applicable Settings: Any
Report:Max rev sounds are pretty bad (sorry) and have been since I bought the game.
If you listen to the actual sounds eg. v12_on_high2.wav it got a beautiful tone, but when it comes to near max revs it is "corrupted" in the game somehow, which is a real shame for those nice sounds.

Alternatively, is there a way to change anything about max. rev sounds anywhere?
I've tried but can't find any way to change it.
Track & Layout Used:Goiania and other tracks
Car Used: Formula Vee
Applicable Settings: Shadows and effects medium, the rest, all full
Report: although fs never go below 120, I have a lot stuttering
Steps to reproduce:

You must to choose 16 opponents and you start a race.
I have three monitors nvidia gtx 780 and no oc.
With the previous version did not happen, but is now very annoying.
Any recommendations?
If decrease the detail of opponents to low, so good, but they look very bad and as I said with the above configuration never go below to 120 fs
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The down arrow in the controller options window doesn't work. The up arrow is fine. I have to scroll down the list of programmed controls by either dragging the circular slider down or using the mouse wheel.
Also the game version number is completely covered by the Steam window when starting the game. It would be better if it was in the bottom left corner of the screen rather than the bottom right as it is now.

edit.... Just found out that the down arrow in replay files doesn't work either.
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