Simple Mistake or Feeling the Pressure?

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor
Vettel Crash German Grand Prix.jpg

Sebastian Vettel would be left in tears following his German Grand Prix retirement, but was it just a simple mistake or signs of increasing pressure on the driver?

Driving a Formula One car in wet conditions on slick tyres is far from easy, even more so when racing in front of your home crowd and shouldering the expectation of the whole of Italy for a top result, but is the accident from Sebastian Vettel this afternoon just a simple case of "it could happen to anyone", or is the pressure starting to show on the 31-year-old German heading into the second half of a tense title fight?

Let us know you thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!
Both of them... They're still humans even if they're pro drivers racing in Formula 1.

Schumacher,Senna,Prost,Hakkinen,Vettel,Hamilton and so on... Every WC made his mistakes on his path.

That's racing,nothing more,nothing less. ;)


I don't think it was pressure at all. He made a simple yet devastating mistake. . He had a few seconds over Bottas (who let's face it, isn't much of a threat - Unless he has fresh tyres but the team will always stop him for using that advantage), it was the conditions that caught him out. Simple.
Yep he did make a mistake, but it wasn't helped by his team, they should of got him past Kimi alot faster, they new Lewis/Bottas were closing fast, so his tyres had suffered, so he needed to push more. Ah well never mind..:whistling:
After all the history that happened with Vettel and Hamilton vs Alonso i ended up hating them like a ignorant, after seeing their history, their racing, all about them i cant hate any of them, i dont like mercedes winning because its boring but i have to say something honestly.
This Vettel crash and that team radio made me sad like when Alonso crashed in 2005/2006/2007 and i as a kid were pushing for him.

I dont understand people who takes the moment to make fun of Vettel, even when they heard the audio which demonstrates that Vettel was absolutely crying at that moment.
(Crying, not whinning like what Hamilton did in Silverstone, they are two different things)

Its like if you laughed at massa in 2008 when it was heart breaking what happened there, not human to laugh at this type of things.
Definitely just a mistake, especially after hearing KIMI interview when he said that they don't really know how much grip they will have when team ordered them to stay out.

It's not like Bottas was 0.3 secs behind him. Was it something like 5-6 secs ahead? But they are in the same situation so...

Off topic, but interesting to discuss here is the track condition in this race. I hope future racing titles can do the same where portion/s of the track is wet and the rest is dry. And not the entire race as well.
Less we forget...
These guys are pushing a car to its extremes.
I realize sitting on your couch watching it through a long lens on television, it may not appear to be the case...but trust me...they are.
Mistakes are going to happen sometimes.
Every driver has them...Fangio, Clark Hill, Senna, Prost, Mansell.
They've all made mistakes..
Vettel is human and no different.
He's on a partially wet track...on slicks.
It can and does happen.
Stop reading more into it than is there.

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