Season 5

Hi guys.

Presently there are many details that are undecided. We will use this thread to update you all on where we are in the progress.

There might be a few changes before season 5, all aiming at making the racing experience and quality as good as possible.

One of the few things we know at this point of time is that the season will likely start 1st of September in the home land of Andy Paries, or more accuratly at Spa-Francorchamps.

Provisional race calendar for Pacific (FPPS) and Europe (FPES):
Sun 29th of Aug and Wed 01st of Sep - Spa
Sun 12th of Sep and Wed 15th of Sep - Monza
Sun 26th of Sep and Wed 29th of Sep - Singapore
Sun 10th of Oct and Wed 13th of Oct - Suzuka
Sun 24th of Oct and Wed 27th of Oct - Monaco
Sun 7th of Nov and Wed 10th of Nov - Interlagos
Sun 14th of Nov and Wed 17th of Nov - Abu Dhabi
Sun 28th of Nov and Wed 01st of Dec - Hockenheim
Sun 12th of Des and Wed 15th of Dec - Valencia Street

The tracks in bold are those who corresponds with the same f1 race on Sunday.
Changin car is a big move and has only been done once so far on our behalf (beta to season 3 with f3000 -> season 4 with f1). Changing platform is an even bigger move and is not considered in any near future. Our main policy in this regard is to keep as many members as possible.

Changing car will only be done if it would please the majority of the community.

The only alternative to staying with the f1-mod is the formula masters. If we do stay with the f1 mod it is likely that we lower the damage parameter and turn off engine failures.
I am happy with Presto community and personally I am happy with the current mod and honestly i do not mind the current damage parameter as I got used to it, i believe the fragility of those cars provides some extra spice to the challenge, but again it could be a good idea to fine-tune it just a bit for div 1 to make them more fun to drive and to last the whole race distance plus to suite the driving style for the majority of us..

After all we are here to have fun, and it makes more sense to have fun when the number of the guys on track is on max ,,,:)



Valter Ostman

PrestoGP Veteran
:doublethumb:It's fun to meet and compete in Presto events:doublethumb:.
If there weren't so many likeable racers who competed here, I would not participate, no matter what cars or platform. For me the chemistry between people is the single most important factor to thrive and enjoy any activity.

Changing car will only be done if it would please the majority of the community.
F1 is of course the coolest things that are available in all of motorsports. Over time we will learn to set up the cars better and then it gets even more fun to drive them.

it is likely that we lower the damage parameter and turn off engine failures.
If the damage is reduced to a significantly lower level, we should not have to see any more drivers leave the league for good, because their races only lasts a few minutes.
+1 Valter.:thumbup:

Perhaps we can run a “Best and Fairest” award alongside of the normal points championship(s). Base it on Forum Race Reports [+1pt], RD race reports[+1pt], Attendance[+1pt], lack of racing incidents[+1pt], generosity of spirit [+1pt], etc, etc...

And also a “Worst and Dirtiest” as an inverse of the above.

More silly ideas? :)

Arno Hoog

I know I'm not a euro driver so maybe I shouldn't sound my opinion as one of the first here but I'm considering to maybe come back to 'wednesday night racing' so why not? :)

I think it's great to be as close to F1 as possible but if the downside is that you need 10hours+ training -per track- to be competitive, than im not so sure if this mod is actually the best deal for ALL racers involved here. Most of the guys dont have that time and many just see this as a casual hobby. Im not sure if it's really fair to them to than just say: ok guys even though you guys are skillful, we are going hardcore and -unless you put in hours & hours- you'll be at the back of the field.

The Formula Masters series in my opinion allows for great driveability, easy to setup (plus it does what you actually would expect), great close racing but most important: even if time is not on your side you can jump in with 1 / 2 hours of practice and still be competitive. I realise it would be a big big step back in terms of 'being as close to f1 as possible' and many f1 lovers would be disappointed.

-end of FM commercial-

ciao :)
I'm not a euro driver either but I'll assume all opinions are valuable.

I think there is a possible way we can make the competition more accessible, while keeping the f1s. This applies to all formula pro leagues. We can randomly select from more experienced drivers and less experienced drivers to make each team so that knowledge gets spread around more. This may make the competition closer (and therefore funner) because there are many drivers who are otherwise equal in skill to the race leaders but stuck in the middle of the pack because they don't have the preparation time or necessary experience with the car (neither do their teammates possibly) to perform at their peak potential especially when this car demands different setups for qualifying and the race in order to perform at the front. It can also become a learning experience for less experienced drivers and so we will in effect be overall increasing the skill level of the league making it better and better as time goes on. The team championship will also be a better reflection on how well the team works together rather than the skill levels of their individual drivers.

I don't know how exactly we would do this or how popular it may be (probably not very popular). I suppose this process happens naturally anyway and there are plenty of teams that are probably a good mix already but the process should be accelerated if we manually mix people up a bit more.

and I agree there should be a fair driving championship as long as the points system isn't subjective. Punishing bad behavior is necessary, but rewarding good behavior and racecraft (something I'm feverishly working on) along with it would be a very positive thing. It can even factor into my team mixing plan.
I'm all for less damage. These cars are a touch on the fragile side.

I fall into the group of guys for whom this is a hobby. I can't spend hours each day to be competitive and work out a decent setup. I show up, mess about with the settings and hope for the best. Towards the end of the season I was fortunate enough to recieve help from Joe Isaac with regards to setup.

The thing with switching to formula master is that it requires everyone to purchase Race On. I'm only running GTR Evo and before that the vanilla Race 07. From what Arno said I think that the formula masters definately have a few advantageous points but as I said, not everyone has the add on.

Finally, for me it's not really about racing an F1 car. Yes F1 is the pinacle and it has been realy great this past season to drive these cars but I'm with Valter here: I don't really care which cars, it's more about the community and the familiar names that have come along since back at the Presto F3000 days as well as the new names.

At the end of the day it's about having fun with a great group of guys (and once a girl too) who all share a love of motorsport. If I had to choose between racing F1 with a bunch of strangers who don't care about the social side and racing in 1960 vw beetles with a bunch of mates I'd choose the beetles every time. This league is about the community, not about the cars.

Sean Greenlaw

PrestoGP Veteran
:cool: Im really happy with the mod and i think more of the same will only help with the close racing, abit of a learning curve for eveyone this season with using the mod from f3000 where i felt 2nd season with f3000 really comfortable with setup q and race etc. This season its been like 1st in f3000s for me quite good q setups but lacking in race knowledge but feel alot better been through this season for next.
So i wouldnt like this to change to much im happy with the damage etc, its no worse than f3000s. It also makes driving a clean race worth it. The closer to real motorsport would be best so maybe longer races, more of a random weather system and to follow the f1 season more closly if possible, i find races that are after the f1 gives alot more insite to track etc and excitment when doing race.
And how about a q in same style as f1 if that was even possible q1 ,2 ,3 etc that would be great to watch and also take part.

Everyone should also use the setup editor tool i think to aid in setup i only found it last to races and thought it helped instead of lookin through notepad not sure what we could and cant change and you get values kph etc instead of just numbers.

Tom Watts

i think the f1s are great and we should stay with thoughs but maybe do some less bumby tracks and some tracks which are better for racing even if there not on the f1 calender right now
I have not driven in the league, but I have driven in most of the thursday club races, and I would like to drive in the league.

I notice the opinions on damage are pretty evenly split. With the main reason to lower damage to increase the fun factor and lower the demands on participants:

If the damage is reduced to a significantly lower level, we should not have to see any more drivers leave the league for good, because their races only lasts a few minutes.
while those in favour of keeping a high damage level say things like:

im happy with the damage etc, .. It also makes driving a clean race worth it.
Often lower damage levels are equated with more fun, casual, allowing people to be more competitive etc. There is another side to it.

The qually and race times at Istanbul were significantly lower than the real life race. That in spite of the track being a lot more bumpy. Presumeably the track has been resurfaced since 2007. The F1 drivers were praising the smooth track. (Hamilton - “I think we came away from Monaco with a respectable result, but the MP4-25 wasn’t particularly well suited to a tight and bumpy track like that. At a place like Istanbul Park, our car will be back in its element. It loves smooth, fast circuits..").

It is not unusual for sim drivers to be a lot faster than real life, however realistic the sim or mod is reckoned to be. Why is that? Perhaps the fact that there is no danger of seriously injuring or even killing yourself when you crash has something to do with it?

I believe many sim racers continually drive at the limit of their ability to control the car. They can do things with the sim car that a normal driver could not - would not do. Often they go over the limit - and crash. Never mind! ESC and pick up another car. In any typical practice session before Qually guys take out the car drive like hell, crash, take out another car etc.

In real life you cannot go over the limit time after time to find out what the car and track is capable of, you have to creep up on the limit. If you have a family it's best to stay safely on the right side of the limit. On several occaisions I have heard the following comment after a televised crash "that will slow him down a bit"!

Personally I hate crashing. When practicing I will go out with a full tank and go round and round and round, hopefully getting a bit faster along the way. My aim in the race is not win, or even to finish near the front. My aim is to get to the finish! My aim is not to overtake people at the start or on the first lap, it is to get through the first lap mayhem.

Laugh at me if you will. I am not a fast driver, but I have finished a few more races this spring than many others, and I have finished in front of a lot of faster drivers. I regularly end up in a hare and tortoise race with someone that is "faster" than me. Overtakes, spins, catches up, overtakes, spins. :turtle:

To me and presumeably to any F1 team owner it is better to finish 10 races and get points in a few of them, than to finish 2 races and get points in one of them, wrecking the car in the others. For that reason I believe better driving is not being faster over one (of many laps), but finishing races.

Saying that "people" can be more competitive and finish more races with lower damage levels is not accurate. "Careless people" can be more competitive and finish more, would be more accurate. Keeping damage high promotes careful driving!

All sim driving is driving without physical or economic risk (with the possible exception of professional sim racing) which means clever drivers or players can do things with the cars that normal racing drivers wouldn't dare to do. Driving with low damage turns all sim racing into arcade racing.

Sure you can have fun, but why bother with a PC sim, when you can use a PS3 or Xbox, then we can all get to the finish just running along the armco?

The only way to introduce risk to a PC sim race is to have high damage levels. The risk is - if you go over the limit you won't finish!

So how can we keep damage levels high and get more people to finish races? Well I would like to think you could do that by encouraging people to drive more carefully. By promoting careful driving as "good" driving. People are not "unlucky" when they crash, they are careless.

By careful I don't mean you have to be as slow as me, just give yourself, and the rest of us, a tiny bit more margin.

"Oh no! I won't be competitive if I drive carefully", yes you will! You will be competitive with the other guys, at your level, who are driving realistically within the limit to maximize finishing chances.

I can promise you, you can have more fun and satisfaction getting to the end, knowing that you have driven well, without taking unrealistic chances. Instead of being proud of doing a good qually, pity you were "unlucky" in the race.

Please don't misunderstand me I don't regard myself as a better driver than anyone else. Also I am far from being as fast as I would like. I also sometimes pass people only to spin a couple of turns later. I am not getting at anyone. I have driven with a lot of you on Thursdays, and I enjoy driving with you all, both the league racers and the club racers. :thumb:

I also truly admire guys who finish at the front with no mistakes!

Well that's all from me - time to put on flameproof clothing, I guess.
You make a valid point, however on the flip side of the coin why should you be punished for somebody elses mistake and the games randomness (engine life and power)?
It is a hard decision to make. Maybe it should be simplified, pro gets 100% damage and no engine explosions, and semi-pro get reduced damage and no engine explosions? Less DNF's and more finishers = more experience
Regarding car choice for next season, I am undecided if I will be racing, but would prefer a simpler more forgiving car to race so I would vote for Formula masters, but as I say I cannot commit to another season just yet :)
I also feel for the guys in pro this year that did not have countless hours to practice and tweak. The F1 cars are merciless when it comes to punishing you if you overstep the limit and we saw this all throughout the season with some amazing crashes, some from myself as well :)
I think a simpler car would give closer racing as-well due to the ease of which they can be driven.
A shorter season would be welcomed by myself as well as by the end of it I just wanted it to be over to be honest!

I am now enjoying a break and finishing dirt2 when I feel the need to drive :)


Bruno Sousa Ferreira

Strategy Mister!
I am hearing a lot about the formula master's car (if you guys are not using the MMG mod), but why don't you go back to the F3k's ? Most of us know this cars, and we know how to set this cars up quickly and to a good standard.
thought the FM are great fun, but you would have to learn a new car again (more time) while the F3K's are fun and we are familiar with them.
I'm not keen on opting for a car I have never driven. I don't own Race On [yet] and I am not planning on purchasing it unless Presto GP decides to adopt the Formula Masters. That may put me on the back foot [again] as to the learning curve required to become "competitive", but someone has to be last so...

I always enjoyed the F3000's. I've learnt to enjoy the F1's. I really really missed not having any wet races....

Edit: Oops, I forgot about the end of Sepang and the rain @ the end of the race; that was cool.:cool:
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