EU S397 GT3 @ Road Atlanta - Fri 10 Apr 2020


Today is a good day to Play
Jan 26, 2018
My race consisted of 3 phases: Catching up to @Gasper Zupan , catching back up to Gasper again after I jumped off the track over the final crest, then keeping far enough away from @RasmusP .
Came home 5th in the end, and that must be my best finish in the rF-club for a number of years :)
Thank you to all that took part, great racing you once again. And big thank yous to @Daiman Patel for setting everything up :)
Well done Roy. We had a good duel for a couple of laps. My tires were too hot and i went backwards. Congrats.
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Daiman Patel

rFactor 2 Technical Assistant
Jun 4, 2011
Nightmare race. Incident in first lap or two and just never really got into the grove after. Left after 40 mins or so.

Thanks for all the help earlier Damien.
You are very welcome, mate! :thumbsup: I'm glad that we managed to get the problem sorted; apologies again for my mistake that caused you the trouble in the first place. :redface:

Shame you didn't have a good race... hopefully you have better luck next time! :D
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