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Rio to Host Brazilian Grand Prix as Early as 2020

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief

The Brazilian Grand Prix is set to move from Interlagos as early as next year – with a new circuit under construction in Rio.

Always a popular race with fans and drivers, the future of the Interlagos circuit as a Formula One Grand Prix venue is under serious threat following confirmation from Mayor Marcello Crivella that Rio have agreed to host F1 from 2020, on a purpose built new circuit set to be named after the country’s most famous driver – Ayrton Senna.

The announcement was made during a ceremony marking the signing of an agreement to use the formal military site in Rio for construction of the new circuit, and was further backed up by Presidential comments that suggest Formula One could be arriving at the venue as early as 2020.

“A new motor-racing track is going to be built. The construction will take six to seven months and the Brazil Grand Prix will be held in Rio de Janeiro next year” said Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.​

Formula One has long been keen to explore alternatives to the Interlagos venue following a spate of safety concerns regarding personal attacks experienced by Grand Prix fans and personnel around the circuit perimeter, and the new Ayrton Senna Autodromo has been identified as the key to retaining a Brazilian Grand Prix on the F1 schedule.

Although President Bolsonaro claims the race will move next year, Interlagos hold a contract until the conclusion of the 2020 season, and it will certainly be a big ask to develop the new track within a 12-month window required to be race ready for the traditional end-of-season slot the Brazilian Grand Prix currently holds. New race in 2021? Seems more than likely and it will spell the end of a long and impressive history in the sport for the beautiful Interlagos circuit.

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Wow, this is a massive change if it goes ahead. The track in the photo actually looks pretty good, but I know I'm not the only one who would be devastated to see F1 leave Interlagos.


Nice apex, I'll take it!
That new layout looks like there will be less overtaking than at the Hungaroring :thumbsdown:

As long as rain is still a massive threat we'll be fine though.
I really hope it will have the elevation like the current track. I personally just don't want another flat new track as seeing those drivers fly up the hill even on camera is amazing
I hope they have other series ready to race there as well. F1 (the olympics as well) is known for bankrupting areas look for short term boosts. COTA had problems for years making money to stay afloat.
The left side looks like it slopes down into the left corner, but, looks pretty flat apart from that. Modern flat tracks with stop and go chicanes and 90 degree corners really isnt fun. Flowy, fast tracks with elevation Changes is just so much more dramatic and awesome. Layout looks pretty decent though with some fast corners.
Look how dense the population is around the track. Would be impossible in Europe to build a full scale permanent track in the middle of a urban area.
That track doesn't even have a long straight or two. Look at its boundaries. It looks like a big go kart track, its a rats maze. Its garbage, and you're really saying it can be brought to FIA grade in 7 months?

Good Luck with that.
Autódromo Ayrton Senna, I hearing it will be called. Not sure Senna himself would like the tracks layout if he was with us. Looks boring and no elevation changes like Interlagos. Just another boring flat track.