rFactor 2 Wishlist

Eric. K

- better ffb
- better in-game lobby

The game itself is already fantastic!! If ISI can improve these 2 minor issues the game will be perfect!! The rest is just fuss and nice to have:)
a h-shifter system which is the same as simbins (then putting the h-shifter in neutral the car is still in the same gear).
i want this so we dont need the upgrades for different shifters. so we all drive with exactly the same shifting delay.

i also want all tracks and cars for rfactor should be able to run in rf2 aswell

Eck Simpson

As I really like the Panoz GT2 and GTR1, in rFactor. I'd like them to continue that theme, with the Panoz LMP900.
The third race car, the GTS, is fun too. Although very rudimentary in comparison to the GT2 or GTR1.
The road cars aren't really very intersting, so adding another road car doesn't really appeal. No doubt I'll still try it, just to see how badly it can driven.
Even better physics, good FFB, good sound effects, good graphics (in this, the most important things for me are lights and reflections, + details of the road surface). As for content, let's have some good laser scanned tracks (not tracks with the best surface on earth, let's have bumps and potholes!), some good cars, fast and slow as well, it's not a problem if we have some F1 like cars, I like to drive those sometimes, but I like slow cars much more, even under 100 BHP, I would like to see some of those too!:) I know cars and tracks will come from the modding community but if default content have them it's even better:)

Eric. K

I dont really understand the graphics complaints. Once you max all settings and install some of the mods (hi res sky, skid pats, etcs) the graphics are as good as GTRE.

Nils Wijk

Think rF lightning is better then Evo also, at least for me it feals more alive when racing. But better graphics is not a bad thing on the wish list. In the future we have different standards then today.

Eric. K

I agree with you Nils, but I would trade any graphics improvements for better ffb and lobby at this point.

Nils Wijk

Sure a better lobby would be highly appreciated, but I guess we are getting better gfx and lobby anyways. Makes no sense not to improve those.

And I still drive without ffb :p

Kyle Evers

I think they should include some historic cars, or even if they can't get the liscenses some ficitonal historic cars. Normally I more of a GT and Prototype fan, but I think it'd be nice to see what ISI can make in terms of historic cars.

Hayden Walker

a better user interface less arcadey feel

better graphics and car physics

Mark Birney

-Improved weather
-Night driving (I know it's in rF1, but I'd like to see it remain with the weather aswell)
-Same level of modding as rF1
-More detail, and effects
-Hugely improved multiplayer/lobby and sync issues
-Proper car damage (improved deformation)

-The ability to "middle-finger" other drivers on public servers, and pull out a shotgun and shoot their tyres (upon doing this, they are banned from simracing).

Josh Healy

From what I know...
The garrantied things are

Better Graphics
and even more moddability then rF1
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