rFactor 2 | March Development Roadmap & Track Updates

My best guess would also be Monza for the upcoming track. It's the only "big one" that immediately comes to mind out of what I think are the most iconic/historic European tracks not officially represented in RF2 at the moment that also fits perfectly with their recent car content. I know they only said "AAA" and "popular" and not historic/iconic, and those could really apply to a lot of tracks. But, when I think of Europe's most famous "AAA" tracks I think of: Silverstone, Spa, Nurburgring (though most people specifically mean Nordschleife rather than the modern track), Le Mans, and Monza. Of course there are several other famous and popular ones, but those are probably what a lot of people would list as a top 5.

What's the significance of O-Rouge? Is that a brand/sponsor/eSport site or something? I get that it's an homage to Eau Rouge, but.... why does every car feature a skin for it?

I don't want to jump into the usual "bash RF2's shortcomings every time a roadmap comes out", but I'm going to a little bit this time, because I got so frustrated I disconnected my wheel and pedals to take a break for a few weeks. Maybe I'll jump over to the stock cars 2018x thread and put more detail but the summary is I'm getting tired of the wildly inconsistent and unbalanced AI behavior with some cars and tracks. I'm not talking about having to adjust their speed - that's fine, though I spend WAY too much time running practice races just trying to figure out what works for car/track combinations. I mean when they are utterly useless, like they can't drive the track properly and ruin the entire experience. I won't hold S397 responsible for how things behave with mod content, but when it's "official" cars and tracks - I don't care if it's a new track or a legacy ISI track if the sh*t is stock content that was paid for I want it to bleeping work. Also things like safety cars and yellow flags should not be as laughably screwed up as they all too often seem to be. This stuff seemed to work fine in other "sims" almost 20 years ago.

I really, really enjoy the actual driving in RF2. I am mostly happy, in some cases thrilled, with the content s397 has done since taking over. I am entirely an offline player, and don't know if I'll ever really get into multiplayer. I have had some *outstanding* races vs AI in RF2, but it is really starting to grate on me that I feel like every time I try a car/track combination with AI it's a 50/50 chance they're just going to drive themselves into a wall every lap and ruin the whole event. It literally makes parts of this sim unusable to me, and it's finally gotten under my skin enough that I'm questioning if I want to keep buying into it.

I work in technology, and I really do understand that trying to update and "fix" an old product to modern standards is difficult. You usually end up with a bunch of workarounds that kind of/sort of get you what you want but it still ends up feeling like a workaround and not actually something new and better. And, adding or improving one thing tends to break something else that you didn't expect (sound familiar?) I honestly appreciate what S397 have done and are trying to do, but I really wonder if it's time to just salvage the good parts and move on to RF3 and build it all new. I'm not saying I hate RF2, in many ways I actually love it and it is the one I am rooting for the hardest. But I don't know, it's like in a long relationship when there's those little annoyances that build up over years and turn into resentment. I don't want that to happen RF2, let's talk it out and change some things, I want to stay together.
rF2 code been build very modular, so they can rewrite the parts that need to be upgraded.
You PC still runs fine on pieces of C code that's been developed almost 50 years ago.
Rewriting software from scratch would take another 5 years to develop.