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rFactor 2 | Formula E Updates Released

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
Studio 397 have dropped a new bunch of Formula E related updates to rFactor 2, addressing a few outstanding issues and updating four of the tracks and the 2021 Gen2 Formula E car.

The new updates are all available to download now, and cover the paid Gen2 car and Hong Kong, New York and Berlin E-Prix street circuits, plus the free Electric Docks Formula E Test Track available via the Steam Workshop.

Formula E Updates 2.jpg

In terms of the updates themselves, various aspects of each circuit have been addressed with these new builds, from minor artwork changes to the trackside signage, to the more substantial tweaks and improvements to various aspects of the venues - details of which can be found in the update notes below:

Hong Kong E-Prix v1.83
  • Fixed: Pit official SCN error.
  • Fixed: Cut Detection Issues.
  • Fixed: Minor Material Updates to Road Surfaces.
  • Fixed: Various material errors.
  • Minor Advertisement Updates.
Berlin E-Prix v.1.25
  • Fixed :Closed terrain gaps, new rrbins, fixed lines mapping.
  • Fixed: Hat collision on two objects.
  • Fixed: Pitworker animation.
  • Fixed: irradSpecular and refmap texture flag issues.
  • Fixed: Cut Detection Issues.
  • Fixed: Minor Material Updates to Road Surfaces.
  • Moved Atmospherics to GDB file.
  • Minor Advertisement Updates.
New York E-Prix v.1.19
  • Fixed: Pit officials animation update
  • Fixed: irradSpecular and refmap texture flag issues
  • Fixed: Set atmospherics
  • Fixed: Cut Detection Issues
  • Fixed: Minor Material Updates to Road Surfaces
  • Reduced bumpiness in TDF
  • Rdt balancing
  • More safe cut settings
  • Minor Advertisement Updates
Formula E Test Track v2.19
  • Fixed: Much stricter track cut detection.
  • Fixed: Camera at SF not able to see down pitlane.
  • Fixed: various collision issues.
  • Fixed: Start light issue.
  • Fixed: Wall shadow issues.
  • Regenerated RRBIN.
  • FE Advertisement updates.
  • Adjusted default session times.
  • Updated Crowds.
  • Added Digital Flags.
  • Road Material updates.
  • Reworked barriers around chicanes.
  • Tightened up T1 Chicane.
  • Revised Cut Corridors.
  • Updated Advertisements.
  • Replaced Tyre Stacks with TecPro.
Gen2 Formula E Car v1.37
  • Updated liveries based on manufacturer feedback

Original Source: Studio 397

rFactor 2 is available now, exclusively on PC.

Check out the rF2 sub forum here at RaceDepartment for a place to discuss all the latest news and conversation about the world of rFactor 2 - start up a thread today!

Formula E Updates 3.jpg
Formula E updates 4.jpg
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