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RDHPC - Round 2 @ Montreal - Sun 8th February 2015

Yves Larose

May 28, 2008

Round 1 saw Ross McGregor dominate both qualifications and both races taking the pole and the win for both races but there were some close batlles for second and third place in both races. Both races had fights all around the field but everything was fair and clean so don't miss the live stream of round 2 and catch all the action live.

All drivers in the main list are expected to show. Absentees who do not report at least 24 hours before the event may find themselves removed from the league.

Trackpack: Download (Same pack as in the download thread)
Skinpack: Download (Same pack as in the download thread)

Event details
Circuit Gilles Villeneuve
Practice: Open from Tuesday 3rd February 2015
Qualification 1: 20.10 GMT ( 15 Minutes, Unlimited laps)
Warm-up 1: 20.25 GMT ( 5 Minutes)
Race 1: 20.30 GMT ( 16 Laps )
Break: 21.00 GMT ( 10 minutes and your free to go on track )
Qualyfication 2: 21.10 GMT ( 15 Minutes, Unlimited laps)
Warm-up 2: 21.25 GMT ( 5 Minutes )
Race 2: 21.30 GMT ( 16 Laps )

Server password: click here
Racing rules: click here

Server settings
Flag Rules: Black only
Fuel usage: Normal
Tire usage: Normal
Mechanical failures: Time scaled
Type of start: Standing ( No formation lap)
Driving aids allowed: Only auto clutch is allowed

Track map
Montreal track map.png

Red Zone - On Lap 1, the entire start straight and turn 1 to Turn 3 is considered a red zone. This simply means that the replay of the start and turn 1 to Turn 3 will be looked at automatically - any incidents caused by overly aggressive behaviour or rules being broken will be punished harshly. It is a league, so be competitive, but don't destroy other people's races.

Sign up
Even if you haven't signed up for the entire league it is possible to take part of the races (both of them) to do so you just have to use that format and choose one of the liveries that is not already taken, numbers in blue are the liveries available and numbers in red are already taken.

#2 #5 #8 #9 #11 #14 #17 #19 #23 #26 #34 #44 #45 #46 #52 #58 #59 #61 #68 #69 #70 #77 #80 #81#82 #439 #450 #539 #921 #963

Car number:

Main entry list
  1. Jarek Kostowski
  2. Silvino Rodrigues
  3. Christian Stanjek
  4. Ghilherme Silva
  5. Sven-Arne Andersson
  6. Ross McGregor
  7. Allan Ramsbottom
  8. Morne Du Plooy
  9. Denis Betty
  10. Hans Sneep
  11. Stig Bidstrup
  12. Peter Stokman
  13. Jack Smith
  14. Phil Shillitoe
  15. Enzo Fazzi
  16. Tim Ling
  17. Jernej Simoncic
  18. Ondřej Kapal
  19. Yves Larose
  20. Driver
  21. Driver
  22. Driver
  23. Driver
  24. Driver
  25. Driver
  26. Driver
  27. Driver
  28. Driver
  29. Driver
  30. Driver
Additional sign-up
  1. Andrew Jarnell
  2. Oscar Hardwick
  3. Paul M Jones
Reported absents
  1. Rui F. Martins
Teamspeak is not mandatory but its highly recommended as its makes easier to communicate and to get to know the guy's you race with, its also lots of fun :)
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Yves Larose

May 28, 2008
Track bounderies

On this track there is many place where cutting is possible and there is some area that needs some clarifications so here some pics to explain more in details what are the rules for each specific corners.

Turn 1 and 2 chicane

Turn 3 and 4 chicane

Turn 5

the wall on the inside of the turn is the track bounderie so ignore the white line.

Turn 6 and 7 chicane

Turn 8 and 9 chicane

on exit of turn 9 you are allow to use all available road even if the 4 wheels are crossing the white line

Turn 12 and 13 chicane

During qualifications if you short cut any of the chicane you are required to reduce speed enought so you won't do your fastest lap. During the races if you short cut any of the chicane you are required to fully lift the throttle once you have fully rejoin the track in a save manner.
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Yves Larose

May 28, 2008
Broadcast replay

This round giveaway winner is @Drew :) thanks everyone who have participated.:thumbsup:
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Ondrej Kapal

Dec 24, 2009
Sign me up once again, please :)
Ondřej Kapal

Could I be put into the main entry list for the next races as I intend to participate the whole league? Eventhough I'll have to pay for the last two races... I missed the sign up thread before it got locked, actually I discovered this whole thing few days ago just before the first race :) Luckily

Yves Larose

May 28, 2008
Yves can you start the new track on the server?
as stated in the top post the server will be up Tuesday Stan, the reason being that i need to post the track bounderies rule before i can put the server up so people won't take bad habits of cutting the track.
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Enzo Fazzi

Always sideways
Apr 18, 2014
I'm getting a track mismatch, redownloaded the trackpack but it didn't work.


Feb 27, 2012
See you tonight after I did some work in the garage. Hope to be ready for practise at 12 o'clock in the night.


Feb 27, 2012
Like that track alot. Nice that Jack, Denis, and me only 1,5 sec behind jarek and stig so far.