RDHGP S1 - Historic Grand Prix 2008

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My teamy Rik, what a guy!

And the team cup for us too, pretty nice!

Well done guys.

Thanks very much to the organisersn!!!!


Warren Dawes

Time for the DownUnder Mini report.
I always knew that Spa would be the track to expose the poor little Mini's lack of oomph. I needed to run a perfect race to match most of the quicker cars, but I didn't achieve that.
Qualy in P12, but not close to my best.
Completely botched the start by forgetting to put her in gear, dropping the clutch, revving the guts out of the Mini, standing still and causing Dave behind me to run into me, Sorry mate. So, by the end of the long uphill straight, I was almost last, but I was glued to a couple of Alfa's in an attempt to get the best tow I could.
I then spent much of the early part of the race giving cheek to Lee's Alfa, until I made my second shocker and went sand mining in the sweeping left hander. That dropped me into the clutches of Jerome's Mustang, but surprisingly, I was able to pull away and even sneaked into P11 when two Alfa's visited the kitty litter. Once again, I was back giving more cheek to Lee for many laps, but while we were scrapping Eck's Cortina was gaining and eventually passed me. Then, we had a deja vu from Anderstorp when Eck spun the Cortina in the hairpin right in front of me, resulting in me T-boning him again. This seemed to damage the Mini and reduce what little power it had. Eventually plodded home for P13.

Since I was very new to GTL, I enjoyed this League, it was fun trying to mix it with bigger cars in the Mini.
Thanks to everyone who raced, and I hope we get to run another GTL league series.

Ramon van Rijn

RaceDepartment Co-Founder
Well done Rik; have to admit I have not watched the TC65 league from close by, but I think it was a blast like always here.


Not best race from me. could make steady lap times. Beginning and in the end i made 2.56.5 times put i allso made meny high 2.57 and even 2.58 times. So the second place was maximum resault to me in spa. Saeys just was better than me, at least 5 sec heh.

In Q i made my personal best(doing it in every Q:). This time i set more than 1.5 sec faster pb! surprise that falcons wasnt as fast i suppose they to be. So i Q in third, 1 sec from Saeys, Dion in second place and just behind me in fourth, was Caspar in falcon.

In start ill trop down to fourth put manage to gain back my third place in second lap. My race plan was to keep my lap times steady and strike when falcons run out they tires.

Didnt keep enough steady lap times and that way enough pressure to Dion.
Pace to Dion was 4-6 seconds about 10 laps. Then ill start to get closer to him and in lap 12 ill get to hes bumber. After pouhon i made my move from out side as Dion choose the inside line. Manage to get beside him and all was looking good as i have inside line to the next left turn. Light contact and almost lose control of my alfa. then i have to bush hard to get enough cap before next lap brake in les combes. After eau rouge i chooce to get in side line to combes and out brake Dion if he dry to get pass. And he get pass/side of me but he has some broplem in braking and i kept my place.

2 laps left and i got closer to Saeys but the race was just too short today:)

I learn this season very much. Now i know how to setup differential and dumbers:) No more rock hard front ride and understeering driving style hih!

I got all in two's. 2 DNF, 2 second place, 2 first place! Next season ill hope i can turn those DNF's to points and maybe got podium finnish. Now i lose it by one point.

Thanks to everyone and hope we got new season soon!

Kari Nyman
At qualifying the alpha was feeling good around Spa and my confidence was high. Half way through the qualifying session the game froze hard requiring a reboot - was this a bad omen of things to come?

Got logged back in and managed to make an OK time to start 10th. Sitting on the grid ready to go and the second worst thing after a crashed PC happened - stop and go penalty for rolling over the line on the down slope!! Sums it all up really.

Over took a few people on the first lap just for the hell of it as I guessed they would be the only cars I'd see for the rest of the race due to the length of the pits combined with the stop. Dived into the pits at the end of this lap and sure enough, came out about 50 seconds behind the pack.

Finally caught up with a few tail enders with two laps to go, finishing in 15th for an overall 13th place.

A big thanks to all involved. I did enjoy my first ever serious racing in GTL and look forward to more events now that I'm getting better at handling these lovely old beasts.

Bram Hengeveld

Post-Season Feedback

Please feedback the last GTL season. What was good? What should be improved the next time?

Time for your feedback!

Warren Dawes

Since it was my first GTL series, I had to go through a learning curve, but I enjoyed this one a lot. Some hopefully constructive feedback.

The prequaly system was very useful. Even though we didn't really need it due to reduced number of entries, it forced us to learn the tracks before hand.
The tracks used were good quality and suited these cars. Good idea to stick with default tracks for a first up league. I would have preferred to see some tighter tracks to suit my Mini, or to have encouraged more variety of cars used.
Great to see newer, or different people entering this series. I got to race with people who I had never raced with before. Also good to see the SimJunkies racers here in force.

Possible improvements
I didn't find this series to be as friendly as other events. By this I mean that there were very few race reports submitted in the forum, and lots of in-game chat was using different languages. It seemed like people were mainly chatting to their own countrymen in their own language.
I would have preferred to see more variety of cars used. It was mainly only Falcons and Alfa's. No doubt this was because these were the fastest cars across the more open tracks used.
Some of the driving standards were quite rough at times, resulting in cars being punted off track without the driver at fault caring to wait. There didn't seem to be much, if any, Race Direction involvement to address this.

Obviously the biggest problem to this league was the RSC Forum crash mid season which no doubt affected a couple of my criticisms noted above.

Overall, I believe this was a successful league and I hope to see more GTL Leagues in the future. This game may be a little older now, but it offers some unique racing.

Eck Simpson

Possible improvements
I didn't find this series to be as friendly as other events. By this I mean that there were very few race reports submitted in the forum
As is evident, in the amount of feedback too... lol.

I've not given any feedback (in either league, I've participated in) because, I don't have a clue what goes on behind the scenes. I've only ever been a driver in leagues, and have never even tried to organise a single event.

What I've been party to (so far), has never been miss handled (from my point of view). We never missed an event in either league, while RSC was experiencing its problems, this can only be a good thing.

Possibly, as Warren has said, driving standards might have been more closely watched. This does mean, someone needed to take time out to review replays, or to be watching us as we raced. There is the argument though, that in consecutive seasons, the rules would be more closely followed and the need for reviewing replays would be reduced.
I've always had the policy, no matter the incident, I wouldn't protest my fellow driver. Accidents do happen, even in the real world. I like to think there is no malice involved. I'm just as guilty as the next man, I'm also as guilty of a reactionary outburst. Its left behind, when I leave the server and hopefully I'll always remember to apologise, before I leave too.

I did ask, at the final race of the GTR2 league, if all had their datarate set to ISDN. This is just as relevant here, but because I never had any problems (unlike the GTR2 events), I forgot all about it. Higher settings, tend to draw too much data from the server, causing lag. This isn't the only cause, however but it is a good place to start.
Good clean fun is what I experienced. This was the first 'League' that I have participated in. I only missed one event, which is surprising being that I am in a different time zone than most of you. Very competitive from my point of view, and there seemed to be the same in race battles for me, as I'm sure there was for everyone.

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