R3E: Formula RaceRoom 2, teaser images released

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Formula RaceRoom 2_1.jpg

Just moments ago Sector3 Studios released two teaser images of their take on a powerful openwheel car, called the Formula RaceRoom.

A couple of years back when Sector3 Studios was still known as SimBin Studios and their premier racing title was called RACE 07 a first attempt was made to release a full blown openwheeler with Formula 1 specs under the same name. Unfortunately the car didn't match the real life models and the handling wasn't spectacular either.

Their second attempt at a higher series open wheeler this time in their RaceRoom Racing Experience title looks a lot more impressive by just looking at the images taken at the Circuit Spa-Francorchamps.

Further details on a release date and pricing aren't known yet.

Formula RaceRoom 2_2.jpg

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
Nice find Bram! I was only pondering what happened to the open wheel idea this afternoon... looks good indeed.
While I don't like fantasy content, and I prefer tin tops, I'm still excited to see this in R3E. My big hope is they continue to focus on Touring Cars and GT's while adding real life single seaters like the Euro F3 (DTM Support package)... that would be cool...


EDIT: A1GP would be awesome too, bet they would sound sweeeet in Anthony's hands...

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
@Jay Ekkel just to avoid any kind of confusion ;), I assume by that you mean other feeder series in the FR ladder??
Did you ever get any joy with the Euro F3 licence btw?

P.s. Good job fella, looks mint !
Ever since RRE developed and became my goto sim, with all the new features added and the revamped best in class FFB, i have been dreaming of an open wheeler class.

Now it is finally coming!

Goosebump time. This is gonna be good...


Looks great and we know the sound will be awesome too. Just hope they will be able to deliver on physics, previous attempts at open wheelers have been a little lack lustre.

La Source also looking amazing in the capture, wonder if they will be released together?

James Cook

Marcas fan
I'm not a massive open-wheeler fan, but the importance of this content for the future success of R3E is huge. The sim needed to diversify and some formula categories will do just the job.
I adore WTCC, DTM and ADAC in R3E but I'm an open wheel guy at heart and this makes me very very very very very very happy! :D
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