Questions about Content Manager and its AI level

Billy Pilgrim

Original poster
Mar 25, 2014
I've started using CM a bit more and notice a few things concerning AI.
  • It seems that when you set up a race using CM at, say, 90% AI strength, the AI aren't the same as AI at 90% strength in a race launched via the default AC launcher. I get the impression AI launched via CM may be weaker (but I haven't tested much yet)
    - Anyone know more about this?

  • When I'm creating a championship in CM, there's something called "opponent strength", then when I go to start/do the championship, there's something called "AI level". "AI level" seems to choose its own level (it isn't the same as the "opponent strength" I had chosen when creating the championship) but I can then alter "AI level" using the slider as I want.
    But...what's up with all that? I don't understand why there seem to be two AI level/strength sliders and why they are not exactly the same.