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PC3 Project CARS 3 | IndyCar 2019 Hotlap Video

What do you think of the FOV? Looks a little strange to me.
i see the corskscrew looks too much down in PC1 2 and 3. other games have it not goin so much down. tey not laser scanned it, and never improved it, i read somewhere laguna in pc3 will be same laguna from pc1
Bless the developers. At least they tried to go sim with their intentions all those years ago.
tey not even tried but achieved it, pc1 and 2 was sims. one had issue you cant slide, if yo slide yo gone, 2 had issue yo CAN slide, but maybe saving too easy. but it still was sims. no sim is 100% accurate. maybe acc get it to 70-80 % but all sims are like 10-30 % easier or harder than real life. ac and iracing i feel go for harder than real life and pcars go for slightly easier than real life, its all ok, but now tey make pure arcade as pitstops gone, tey go like for 20% realism right now when no fuel usage, no tyre wear etc

Kimmo Kokkonen

Lord GTR3, His master's voice
Missing feature from the PC3 or any other better simulator: the entire car and all setup changes is displayed at the same time as making adjustments. See video below, would be something like that, thanks.

Not so sure if some of sims already contains this same but not seen any, I mean a real 3D view, not 2D as many sims already offer. I'm not the most enthusiastic adjuster but it would be interesting to test different setups this way you can see the change not just the number value.

I would like to see something like this when i make car adjustments

Yes this visual setup still missing from all HC sims (true?), it would be much easier to learn and remember the adjustments if you could see with your own eyes what is affected by any change.

One off the most important setup for F1 car is the height so how can I see how low the car is really while doing setup changes if the car is not visible, it would be heplfull if you can see it when it is too low etc.
Anyone notice they now release all gameplay footage with the horrible NFS HUD/UI switched off after people complained. Was confirmed on discord the there is no leaderboard in race, you only get the the car in front and behind now as its 'more intense' that way wtf

André Gee

Let me add a pinch of sarcasm : From what I heared over the years it might be Bell, & Co just need more money for Coke, Hookers and Parties with leased Ferraris, So that Arcade Something with "Sim-Blend" powered by Codemasters "little base with lotta DLCs" policy (DR2.0 - which actually like - but not the ripp off) is the right way to get it :D..and last not least: Todays audience/consumers are so easy to loot...a fancy trailer,some eyecandy, a shiny metal butt a la Bender, the usual redundant (but mysterious) soundtrack that pretends immersion and as a dev you'll see the (Daddies) wallets fly at you immediately :D