PC3 Project CARS 3 | IndyCar 2019 Hotlap Video

ehhh it looks better than the c7 video with no assists on but still the whole no pit thing ect means i wont buy it unless something changes. I think pcars 3 is what pcars go was supposed to be for mobile makes sense why graphics look meh but when pcars go was announced they said it was going to have car customization like what we see in pcars 3. I believe this is just a finished and pc ported pcars go.

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but they failed because not ONE sim racer liked it.

I liked it for the most part, what I didn't like was SMS didn't spend any time polishing or fixing the bugs before ending support and moving on.

Until the recent ACC GT4 dlc PC2 was the second highest played sim on steam.
So no sim racers plays and likes PC2 or do you just not consider some one who plays it a sim racer?

I also wouldn't call the title a failure cause a small portion of elitest in a niche market didn't like it.
9 yrs on this form I am surprised devs team even continue producing racing sims with the amount of bitching and complaining that comes from the racing community.....probably why SMS chose this direction for PC3 lol
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I’m gonna say something potentially controversial.
If this “game” has a legit career mode that works, supports progression and maybe allows you to upgrade your car over time, I’m in.
I already have a realistic competitive online sim. iRacing. And I bought my favorite GT3 car and am slowly building up the courses I need.
I also have ACC, R3E with all the content... I just want a driving game with a real career/single player mode so I can just hop in and out. It can be relaxing to just follow some dumb story and paint your car or upgrade the turbos or whatever.
Ironically the thing I enjoyed the most about PC2 was the career mode.
In my opinion the driving bit doesn't look bad at all. I do not agree with the direction of the game but I will keep following its development and decide when/whether to buy it once reviews are out.
But for a sim racer such as me who enjoys realistic physics, sims are "fun" and arcade games are not fun.
I'm trying really hard to understand that part. Cause some known arcade games does get some of the right feeling, where known sim get those completely wrong.

Very often, I have that feeling that advertised sim physic is about weird tactile feel to it & digital rather than feeling natural which is kind of dumb.

How many time you invite someone on a rig & tell you it feel wrong. You know... it's not that person fault. it just simply feel wrong, because he is honestly simply just telling a fact.

I prefer something that has a natural feel to it regardless, if it's realistic or not. If I race someone, I know I'm not racing against someone who truly enjoy racing rather than someone who's been forcefully brainwashed & have some psychological issue.


The sim racing market is already saturated on PC IMHO: ACC, iRacing, rFactor 2, RRRE and AMS2 (AC and PC2 are still alive too).

Not to mention that all these studios are AA, they don't have the same resources compared to AAA studios.

The sim racing community is already splited between all these sims mentioned above.
And this is a very bad situation because it means that the money is splited too.

We asking fixes, new features and content to these studios with not enough resources (not enough money, cannot hire more people), and then we complain about the lack or slowness of new content and updates.

Quality over quantity should be the way to go.
This game is basically GRID Autosport 2, more arcade than simcade. It'll probably please most of the PCARS 1 and 2 player base.
Yess, if it were so, I would be just happy! I really liked Grid Autosport and it would be nice to refresh it. But in the case of PC3, it's a step back and towards the arcades.
#1 The lads that buy SMS games should know what they can expect from them,..in the begining we heard about the great promise PC simulator was, and then you tried and wow, what face did you have at that specific moment of your life? lol

#2 Then PC2 came, seemed better, butt what happened when you tried it? Same resignation because you found yourself for the 2nd time crying in the rain?

And NOW!, SMS comes again?? 3rd time in your life! hahaha, i am stupid, i know it, but not at that level! lol, enjoy the game, lads, or the sim i should call it? I am just confused with this SMS marketing style! lol.
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I posted this question earlier. What the devil is "Modifier XP" shown in one of the screens they show in the video?
And why is one person saying this is bad? I never heard of this parameter.

I looked online for what this is, and could not find a mention of it for racing games.
So far I guess NO ONE knows what this is. Or dont care cause they are not getting the game anyway.

I am still open minded about the game, but wont get it at initial pricing. I do this with all games.

take care.
i dont like this assists settings at main screen, i liked in PC2 option to "realistic assists", i thought they make PC3 with assists like real life from 0 to 12 stages, when i saw first gameplays i knew they not make it, then i was scared there be no abs and tc low or high setting, now i see it still is set from low to high, but i dont think now there be "realistic" option. f!@#!@@# f!@#@# im not buying it because of that. i thought ok no pits, no temps, no fuel but removing realistic assists is just even beyond that . I want sim to be realistic, i know for sure racecar from 1966 has no abs and tc, but how can i tell hows it with say 2019 formula... i must check now in google every car i choose if it has abs or tc to get most realistic experience? or drive all cars with assists, or disable assists for all cars? if car has no abs in real life i want not to be able to turn this on in game if they added realistic assists setting, now they removed it.
or they should show us how can u set all options, but no genius ever though about that xD
the first "sim gameplay" they showed us was fo$^%% idiot austin ogonoski that set up his car to drift. wtf??? its racing not drifting game WHY would you show us sim experience in racing game and yo not making best lap as in RACING but yo drift instead ??? WTF????

PC1 has not better graphic than PC2, it has just more cartonish or candy like to look better, and when it started to rain track was immediately wet so more shining, more puddles. You must wait in PC2 to rain for 15-30 minutes to be that shiny, then yo would tell PC2 has better graphics. Also PC2 sometimes you cannot distinguish from real life when watch video