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PC3 Project CARS 3 | IndyCar 2019 Hotlap Video

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
Slightly Mad Studios have released a new preview video from Project CARS 3 - this time featuring the 2019 Dallara IndyCar on the WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca.

As Slightly Mad Studios continue to build up to release date of Project CARS 3, we get another new video of the upcoming game in action - this time featuring the 2019 Dallara IR-18 IndyCar machine, taking to the most legendary of circuits that is the WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca circuit - one of the most popular and impressive racing venues in the United States.

With release of Project CARS 3 scheduled for release towards the end of next month, Slightly Mad Studios have confirmed they plan on releasing a new gameplay hotlap video from different car and track configurations each week on the build up to release - so expect plenty of interesting content to drop over the coming month and a bit.

Project CARS 3 will release on Xbox One, PS4 and PC this summer.

Want to discuss this new game with fellow sim racing fans? No worries, head over to the Project CARS 3 sub forum here at RaceDepartment and start up a new thread!

pcars 3.jpg

Ladies and gentlemen, without hands at the "corckscrew"! :D

Jokes apart, a couple of improvements I'd love to see:
— damage model, finally something realistic and not just under the hood. (I strongly doubt)
— tracks environment more realistic, wider scans, with more objects/trees. It helps immersion.


As soon as you see the "XP Modifier" appear in the settings, you start feeling sad that they've taken it down this route. Disappointing we lost all the "sim detail" they put into PC/PC2. Wish them luck, but I'm not tempted to buy this new one at all.

This is not my feeling. I have great sims for racing now, and having something like a "motorized RPG" with progression in it could be fun for me. I would have liked Forza Horizon X if it would have been a little bit more grown up and less "slangish"... :).


This game is basically GRID Autosport 2, more arcade than simcade. It'll probably please most of the PCARS 1 and 2 player base.
So here we have another video of PC 3 and with it a new confirmation of what will be this new arcade game for teenagers and kids enjoyment.

BTW, the graphics don't look too good... there seems no to be much improvement over PC 2. Laguna Seca looks very poorly detailed - I uninstalled PC 2 years ago, but I remember Laguna Seca looking this
quality or even a bit better...

And some sim racers still hoping that PC 3 could be a great racing simulator... what a huge dissapointment.

Nick Hill

Based on the look of the video, if you liked PC2, you'll like PC3.

Personally, I plan to skip this one. If I hear something contrary to my impressions in the reviews, then maybe I'll give it a try...but I am not holding my breath.
Well I suppose their is a need to have something for everyone. However, I don't think this is a title that's going to appeal to most of the crowd here.

It's alright if some people who like sim racing also have fun with arcade games, of course, but in this forum most people are sim racers - if I got
this right - so for sim racers this product is a dissapointment because
the developers were advertising this as a simulator since a long time
ago - perhaps lately not so much - but most people were not expecting
this level of arcade characteristics like the non existance of pit stops and the like...

Cote Dazur

SIM Addict
Great 2020 graphics, checked. Great 2020 VR performance, checked. Great selection of interesting content, checked.
Assuming the driving feeling of most of content will be on par with PCars2, possibly with some tweaking of the custom FFB files, we know the drill, then looking forward to August 28th, to add to my Steam library.
Will probably get a lot more fun and usage from this than some DLC I bought on sale recently because some elite sim racers said it was the pinnacle. But for me it felt like the same old re-hashed old game it has been for years. Only positive is that, now, I do not have to even think about it, I know it is not for me.
PC3, like a lot of other people is probably going to give me a lot more fun SIM time. Bring it on. :D

Why are some many posting here just to say that they are not interested? nobody cares that you don't like PCars2 and will not want to try PCars3 because you prefer a SIM that very few people even drive.
Still today a lot of sim driver enjoy using PCars2 for what it can bring to them. That is what people actually enjoy, get a life, deal with it. :rolleyes:
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