Pit lane and crazy AI


May 30, 2018
I made a new track for karts. I have two issues with pit lane. As shown on the video here (Link)
The session starts with yellow flag and the AI try to goes to the track through the pit wall and not following the pit lane.
The track is made with RTB, I renamed the segments of pit lane as PIT_xxx and and created pit_lane.ini file making an entire lap in dev mode.

Is something missing?

Thanks in advance
Nov 18, 2013
the road or pits or grass or ... has to have a number in front of its name:
1PIT_xxx, 2ROAD_xxx, 1ROAD_xxx ...

Recording ai-line tutorial

First about track-borders:
-if you have "\data\side_r/l.csv" files, simply hold SHIFT while the game is loading
record these with: <https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ai-line-helper.16016/>
-if not, here is a tip from Liski for recording:
in "surfaces.ini" set "IS_VALID_TRACK=0"
for all other surfaces than "ROAD" (and maybe PITS)
and you should get nice and crisp track borders
WITHOUT recording "data\side_l/r.csv"
if its layed out correctly in the 3d model

Record "ai\fast-lane.ai":
run game in hotlap mode (maybe holding shift), go just before the starting line, press record in AI app, drive, first lap you can forget, but every lap after counts
if you like a lap you have driven, just exit assetto...it saves in background, it will take a while to actually exit, longer for long tracks
now you should have a "ai\fast_lane.ai.candidate"
rename it to "ai\fast_lane.ai"
and maybe copy it to "data\ideal_line.ai" (i think its for ai-fuel-calcs)
start a race and control if ai line and track borders are good with ai app on, you can use Ctrl+C to switch on the AI driver

Record "ai\pit_lane.ai":
run game in hotlap mode, go just before where the pitline would split off the existing ai line (ai app on)
be exact as possible, if not ai will wiggle unforseen in game, when going off the normal line to the pit line
then hit "record pit" or what its called, then drive through the pits, no need to stop or anything, just drive
then stop when you reached the normal track ai-line, again as exact as possible, and exit the game
rename "ai\pitlane.ai.candidate" to "ai\pitlane.ai"
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May 30, 2018
Sorry for my silence but wok took a lot of my time. With Christmas holidays I had time to make a fix. Here the result

The problem of pit lane was the file pitlane.ai not well saved. There was a second issue in track, AI karts start to go off road and remain on grass then they start to retire. The problem was a track too thin, increasing the width of the track the issue is was fixed.

thanks for your help
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