One To Watch | Simracing604 On GT3 Popularity In Racing Simulations

Mike from Simracing604 has released a very interesting new video about the ever-growing popularity of GT3 specification racing in sim racing, and why this particular type of car appears to be gaining traction in the real and virtual world.

We've all probably had a go at driving something akin to a modern GT3 car in our sim racing endeavours over the last couple of years. Be it heading out onto the track in anything from Assetto Corsa Competizione, one of the many mods or official cars in the original AC, rFactor 2's latest offerings or even the many dozens of cars in RaceRoom Racing Experience, PCARS and even the new upcoming content for Automobilista 2 - GT3's in sim racing feels like it's everywhere!

Why though? Why is GT3 racing so popular these last couple of years? Let us hand over to Simracing604 and his excellent new video to find out his take on the subject:

"It’s a common complaint amongst sim racers that all we can ever find in online lobbies is GT3 sprint races at Spa, Monza or the Nordschleife. But it’s not hard to find where that frustration is rooted, given a look at the current generation of racing sims and the cars on offer" said Mike of Simracing604 on the subject.​

"GT3 class cars dominate the current sim racing landscape. All three of the Project CARS titles, both Assetto Corsa releases, iRacing, GT Sport and so many more racing titles feature GT3 cars prominently. And most recently, Reiza Studios delivered some highly anticipated GT content to Automobilista 2.
So what is it about these cars that we love so much in the sim world? The car class has yet to produce a true superstar personality on the level of a Formula One driver, the cars can’t compete with the likes of top-tier open wheelers or Le Mans prototypes, and yet GT3 is ubiquitous in sim rigs around the world".

Hopefully Mike hits on some of the reasoning behind this recent trend in his new video, we certainly think it is well worth a little of your time to find out.

Want to see more from Simracing604? Check out his excellent YouTube channel: click here.


Assetto Corsa Competizione Screenshot 2019.07.12 -
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Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
Jun 5, 2009
Awesome stuff - great video and as an aside, I'm a big fan of real world GT3 so I'm personally delighted to see it well represented in simulations. I think for endurance racing we are living in a golden time that will have GT3's remembered fondly in years to come, just like GT1 did back in the late 90's.


Jan 16, 2016
GT3 are popular because they are the perfect prestige brand cars for tired dads, that almost drives themselves at reasonably fast speed. Which does not mean driving them really fast or at alien speeds is easy! Combine it with comfy Spa or Monza and you have the ultimate sim track/car combo meme that just cannot die.
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David Jessat

Apr 6, 2011
I think there is one corner that sums up why GT3 is popular: Eau Rouge - the way these cars look and sound going through there combined with them being on the absolute edge of grip, their ability to take the corner flat but doing so really requires precision and bravery - exactly what you want from a racing car!
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Feb 3, 2017
I think it's because they are so drivable and they look awesome. Personally I love gt3 cars but get why people are maybe a little jaded with them.
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Jun 17, 2011
Some good hangover viewing right there when the brain says "No VR = No Way" as I just discovered in Star Wars Squadrons!

On the topical note though yes the way GT3 Racing has been embraced in the Real & Sim world is a delight, sure it's a bit boring when every Sim releases the same cars & tracks but it is popular so they have to do what the public want. Personally I enjoy watching & racing them and am glad a series like this is strong across the board & around the world, hopefully it won't get too damaged by Covid19 and can bloom when we're out the other side.
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MC Forest

May 21, 2020
What I like about them:

1) They are still cars. The only thing Formula 1 cars and LMP1s have in common with a road car are 4 wheels and a steering wheel. Everything else feels more like a space ship.
Although GT3s are a lot different than their road versions, they still feel like something I see every day on the road.
Okay, Ferraris and Lamborghinis are pretty exotic, but the GT3 class also contains Porsche 911s.

2) They are very different to each other. Make all F1 cars the same color and for me they all look and (kinda) feel the same. But GT3 allows completely different cars compete in the same class. You can choose your cars by preference and thanks to BOP there is no car better than others. You drive what suits you best and not what is just straight better than the competition.
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Oct 2, 2019
GT3 are great fun to race, and I do spend most of my time in ACC, but honestly GT3 cars would be far more interesting to drive if the ABS and TC was outlawed - I say that as somebody who's just got addicted to the R3E DTM content where you have to have far more finesse with the pedals and that's really rewarding.

That said they're still fun, and you get to drive a Porsche - what's not to like?
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Apr 22, 2016

Very recognizable based directly on-road cars(Retain driving characters of Road Legal car in many ways). You can have massive competitive grids with different cars. The possibility of having larger more competitive races is higher. Different cars with completely different powertrains and driving styles can be competitive against each other. Compared to many sim race cars easier to drive and less of a massive learning curve(Setup etc), A lot of Real World GT3 cars that can race against each other and even GT2, GTE, LMGT cars. They can give the thrills you want without the biggest learning curve.

Nick Hill

Oct 26, 2013
I call GT3 "NASCAR for Europeans"...obviously, some huge differences, but I think you can see ways that GT3 series scratch the same itch for many Euro Dads as NASCAR does for many 'Merica Dads.

As far as the popularity goes, I think a lot of it comes down to the cars being both recognizable and looking/sounding great. And everything is BOP'd within a few tenths, so if your favorite brand/team/driver isn't winning, just wait a couple races and suddenly they'll be competitive again. Much the same thing goes for sim racing as real life. They are ready-made for online competition because everyone comes into it under the working assumption that all the cars in the set have been ensured by the devs to be within a tenth or two of one another, so pick your favorite brand/color.

I think much of the GT3 related complaints in the sim racing world are based mostly on fatigue - i.e. every sim does GT3. I get it and have made such complaints myself but, for the reasons I've cited above, I think the devs really have no choice if they want to draw a player base, leagues, etc. I mean, a "GT Legends 2020" car set would be awesome, but in a competitive league-type setting, everyone (well, at least the guys serious about winning) is going to choose the same car.
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Jul 4, 2020
GT3 are great fun to race, and I do spend most of my time in ACC, but honestly GT3 cars would be far more interesting to drive if the ABS and TC was outlawed - I say that as somebody who's just got addicted to the R3E DTM content where you have to have far more finesse with the pedals and that's really rewarding.

That said they're still fun, and you get to drive a Porsche - what's not to like?
Agreed let’s get rid of tc and abs. I wonder how they dial in those assists in reality: high or low? I suppose abs is always high to prevent lockup’s and minimise breaking distance/time.


May 10, 2014
I respect everybody's taste, but GT3s are just not my cup of tea. I'm a vintage kind of guy - Formula 1 H shifter cars. Same goes for real life driving, nothing beats the feeling of shifting through gears.
Fast cars are too easy to drive nowadays, power steering, TC, ABS, all the gizmos.
I think this is one the main reasons people die so much in traffic accidents. You don't feel a car's connection to the road. It makes you less aware how fast you are going. It makes you lazy.
I remember my brother giving me his car for a ride - I couldn't feel a god damn thing in the wheel or the pedals. Everything was just so numb and soft.
FFB in sims is more like a non-power steering system.
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Mar 2, 2010
One of the reasons for the popularity of GT3 (apart from the fact that the cars look great) is, in my opinion, the quality of the sims that feature GT3. AC, ACC, R3E and now AMS2 are all great games. That said, I wish someone would develop a sim for Indycar, a series that offers great racing and features the best looking open wheel cars in the world right now, even with the aeroscreen. It's a shame Indy is not as popular as it used to be, because the market for a sim is very small, I'm afraid.

I'm really looking forward to the BTCC sim, because touring cars are just as fun as GT cars, at least to me.
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