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Niko's Realistic 2021 Database

Misc Niko's Realistic 2021 Database 1.6 (After British GP)

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This is a really great mod and it has been really fun doing the career mode. I have a huge problem though. Tyre wear at Catalunya is ridiculously high. In 50% race distance, driving the Aston Martin, Option tyres completely die after just 3-4 laps and Primes only last 5-6 laps. It's impossible to do the race with this high tyre wear. Other tracks like Bahrain are completely fine though with comfortable tyre wear.
Could you please look into fixing this issue?
Edit: It seems to only be an issue in career mode. Tyre wear in Grand Prix mode around Catalunya is completely fine but only for the Aston Martin. Other cars in GP mode also suffer from bad tyre wear at Catalunya . Seems weird
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Here are the specific details about the tyre wear issues.

I am playing the game on 50% race distance & race difficulty is on hard (A.I level is intermediate).
The ciruits where i mostly play are Bahrain, Melbourne, Monaco (these are the circuits i have played on but the tyre wear is same on all of these circuits).

Niko_1599 updated Niko's Realistic 2021 Database with a new update entry:

1.5 - Everything updated after 2021 Austrian GP.

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Niko's Realistic 2021 Database 1.5 (After Austrian GP)

After a break for the last 4 races, here is an update of the database after the 2021 Austrian Grand Prix. The are performance updates for all AI cars, drivers and also human car performance.

For more details, please see the changelog and detailed performances below.

• AI and human car performances updated...

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Niko_1599 updated Niko's Realistic 2021 Database with a new update entry:

1.6 - Everything updated after 2021 British GP.

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Niko's Realistic 2021 Database 1.6 (After British GP)

Finally, I had the time to work the re-balanced performances between human controled cars and AI controled cars. This time, the list is almost complete except for two circuits that are still tricky: Spa-Francorchamps and Suzuka. For these circuits, my recommendation is to downgrade the difficulty level by one level (if you play on...

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