Newbie owner with Steering wheel and pedal inputs on keyboard only

Discussion in 'F1 2014 - The Game' started by barrysnel, Apr 14, 2017.

  1. barrysnel


    I am trying to set up my hyper simulator on which I am running 2014 f1 - I am currently trying to drive the evaluation lap but I cannot get my system to read my steering wheel and pedal inputs - it only recognizes the keyboard. I have, I think, assigned the controls but no luck!!
    What a I doing wrong??
    Any help would be appreciated
  2. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
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    I am not sure about F1 2014, but certainly previous releases of the game set the controller to the input you use at the first menu.

    So it's used to be that when you see the 'Press any key' screen, if you pressed the enter key on the keyboard, the keyboard then became the default controller, even though you have a wheel connected.

    So you had to use a button (the correct button) on your wheel at this screen, so that the wheel becomes the default controller.

    Having said that, you should be able to go into the game settings and select your wheel anyway, assuming that the wheel is actually supported by the game.

    Here is the F1 2014 list of supported wheels, just in case :-