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  1. SOLO59

    Best keyboard for sim racing?

    Just wanted to know what everyone is using in their sim racing cockpits. I've been using a wireless mini keyboard every since I got into sim racing on pc back in late 2011 because I couldn't deal with the unnecessary hassle of a full sized mouse and keyboard. Here's what I'm using. The blue...
  2. A

    Steering speed sensitivity gone?

    Hello, i've been playing for a while and I use mouse steering and sometimes keyboard (don't tell me to buy a wheel or controller) for steering. for some reason i got a speed sensitivity feature on keyboard (i realized it was a controller exclusive feature because there's no setting for it on...
  3. cbethax

    Advanced Keyboard and Mouse Controls 1.2.0

    Are you bored of using only WASD to drive around? This mod adds QWERTASDFGZXCVB. It's very simple, you use top row (QWERT) for throttle and middle row (ASDFG) for brakes. Leftmost are strongest presses, rightmost are weakest presses. Settings - Enable GUI: Shows the Throttle/Brake/Clutch below...
  4. Billy Pilgrim

    My cat walked on my keyboard and cut all audio - Help!

    My charming (bloody) cat walked across my keyboard this morning and seems to have cut all audio in Assetto Corsa (audio may be cut elsewhere on the PC - didn't have time to check). She walks across the keyboard from time to time and turns on the virtual mirror or changes the camera view - both...
  5. Ghiaman1334

    Laptop Keyboard not working

    Hi guys, Got quite the major issue... the keyboard on my laptop has stopped working. The keys do not type. Some shortcuts work, like Ctrl-Alt-Del, and the Windows key works, otherwise I'm getting no response. Oddly enough they work in notepad but I can't rely on notepad for everything lol Can...
  6. L

    Keybord not working with G27 wheel

    Hello guys, I noticed that while I'm playing Assetto Corsa with my G27 I can't use the keybord keys assigned to a specific control, like ABS. I would like to know why and how I can solve it.
  7. Mascot


    *****SOLD***** CORSAIR Gaming K70 Lux mechanical keyboard, backlit red LED, cherry MX Brown switches. As new, boxed with all accessories, hardly used. Cherry MX Brown switches. Lightweight and durable aluminum chassis. World-class dynamic backlighting (their words, not mine). 100%...
  8. Rupert the bear

    Razer Chroma Shift Lights 1.0

    If you have a Razer Chroma keyboard and/or mouse, then this application will utilize them as RPM indicators. It will also display your current gear to the number row and whether or not traction control and abs is enabled represented by an illuminated 't' and 'a' respectively. The colour of the...
  9. Lowsound

    Keyboard Replay Controls (VR)

    Hi! I've recently gotten a Rift and am thoroughly enjoying my VR driving experience. I'm certain it's made me a better driver(maybe not faster, but I can more easily catch slides!) and as such I'd love to be able to record some of my better drifts/slides while in VR. I'm well experienced with...
  10. B

    Newbie owner with Steering wheel and pedal inputs on keyboard only

    I am trying to set up my hyper simulator on which I am running 2014 f1 - I am currently trying to drive the evaluation lap but I cannot get my system to read my steering wheel and pedal inputs - it only recognizes the keyboard. I have, I think, assigned the controls but no luck!! What a I doing...
  11. S

    Keyboard settings for Automobilista

    Hi does anyone have a list of keys that are used in the game. I have a wheel but want to know what keys do what such as cameras etc. Thanks
  12. Douglas729

    One Key Shortcut

    I have adapted a Fanatic Elite F1 Wheel to a standard CSR base unit so I don't have access to all the colored buttons I need to change races and car settings. Press the Windows Key between Ctl - Alt on your keyboard and F1 2016 minimizes to the Task Bar. Maximize the program and now a...