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New Site Errors, Bugs & Improvement Thread (version 4.0.5.)

Günthar Rowe

True2Life Racing
Firstly, please only post errors and bugs and not "I get that too" thx


Smiley Face Side Panel only displays some emotion icons...
New site suggestion

I like the old one better :)

Just my opinion.

BTW where is the download section?

Edit: I think its because the text is huge now compared to before and I run 1440x900.
Scca and Triskele, you do realise that we just upgraded to vBulletin 4.0, and have only been operating like this for a few hours now? There are bound to be some changes. Just have a little patience, as Bram said.
Of course it was known you guys were updating. However I couldn't find any indication anywhere on the site of it still being worked on or if it was finished. If its not done then of course its understandable. Design changes are always met with some criticism. You guys should have been expecting a thread or two. No reason to take it personal. That is why I said above its "just my opinion". :D

My comment on text size is for the thread listings. Inside the threads the posts look good.

Stuart Thomson

The Stoat Without Fear ™
I've got to hold my hands up, I also jumped the gun a little a bit earlier.

But since then, each subsequent visit has brought a better result, so I would definitely give it a day or two so the main wrinkles have been ironed out before starting suggestions etc.