DiRT Rally 2.0 New Player - What should my settings for G27 be?

Best Settings for G27?

Hey guys, so I finally decided to grab this game and give it a try. I have been hesitant as I am not that great of a driver and was afraid I wouldn't be able to have fun with it. However I loaded up the game yesterday and tried a couple of settings for G27 I found online, but they were all really outdated and old, and it completely felt wrong.

So I come to you guys, what should my settings be for my Logitech G27 wheel?

1. Settings for the Logitech Profiler
2. Settings in game
3. Do I need to tune any XML stuff? Last time I followed a guide it made my FFB 10 and almost broke my hands

I am relatively new to all this sim racing / ffb tuning stuff so any help would be useful. Thanks!

Ole Marius Myrvold

JWB 96-13
The best settings are somewhat what you like the best. Both in feedback and in terms of wheel rotation.
I used G27 before, and I use G29 atm. The logitech profiler settings are default for me, the same for in-game settings. I don't mess with XML. However, a thing I used a lot of time with previously, and have to do again now is the wheel rotation. I made it work very well in DR1, but in DR2.0 I am struggling to set up the rotation entirely too my liking, and I end up having to play around with that in the profiler, and steering saturation in game depending on the car. If the rotation feels right, I find that the FFB feels pretty good as well!

The steering saturation thing is a thing in F1 2020 for me as well, so it seems to be a Codemasters-thing!