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  1. raceno123

    DiRT Rally 2.0 New Player - What should my settings for G27 be?

    Best Settings for G27? Hey guys, so I finally decided to grab this game and give it a try. I have been hesitant as I am not that great of a driver and was afraid I wouldn't be able to have fun with it. However I loaded up the game yesterday and tried a couple of settings for G27 I found online...
  2. R

    TMX Pro heavy FFB

    Hi guys, I have a TMX pro with some days, while I played AC or FH4 (the games I have to it) I feel so heavy my wheel to drive and I not know what I can do to feel more real. Only I can lower the generic FFB but then I will lower all the forces and I will not feel the sensations for drive. My...